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‘Marry Me’ Pilot Review: Pretty Damn Charming

Marry Me, instantly, is the most competent new comedy of the fall. The descendant of David Caspe’s Happy Endings, Marry Me is based around his own real life relationship with one of its stars, Casey Wilson. The pilot introduces us to her as Annie and Ken Marino as Jake — just as he’s proposing, and just as she screws it all up.

Marry Me has obvious allure for any former Happy Endings viewers, but besides the familiar comedy beats (the gags and the jokes come fast in both of these shows) Marry Me, by itself, has produced a pretty damn charming pilot. Caspe and his writers excel in writing group hangout scenes, and from what’s been shown so far, Marry Me looks set to follow that same formula. The pilot doesn’t just act as an introduction to Jake and Annie, but to their friends and family, too — people that we’ll be seeing, I’m sure, who get roped into Jake and Annie’s wedding plans among other things, as the show extends past the pilot and its tagline.

Already, Jake’s mother (JoBeth Williams), is a wonderfully snappy antagonistic character to counter Annie and her theatrical dramatics, and the inclusion of her and Annie’s two dads (Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky) makes for an interesting ensemble. Less fleshed out are Jake and Annie’s friends, and even Jake himself compared to the presence that Wilson has on-screen as Annie. It’s strange seeing Marino in a role as the seemingly comedic straight man, but after just an episode, this show already flows so easily. David Caspe knows what he wants to do, and he’s got a talented comic cast to do it with.

Marry Me is funny, and it knows what it’s doing. This is the new fall comedy that you should commit to.


  • The flashbacks were perfect, and I hope they keep on coming. Jake’s pickup line was ridiculously perfect: “Caw- caw! Caw-caw! Over here! You’re cute. I’m Jake, no big whoop.”
  • “I hated casual sex. The second it was over, all I could think was: oh, you’re pregnant, and I have HPV.”
  • “Without you I would spin off into space like Sandra Bullock in Gravity. But with you, you keep me grounded. Like Sandra Bullock in real life.” That’s love, folks.