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‘The Mindy Project’ Episode 3 Recap: “Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs”

Even though their wants sometimes don’t add up, Danny and Mindy continue to be the cutest couple on television right now in this new episode of The Mindy Project. Danny relentlessly tries to get Mindy to take home her toothbrush and toiletries home after every night she spends in his apartment because he likes to keep everything in his place, like his seat from Yankee stadium. She finds it so tiring to keep lugging her things back and forth that Danny loans her a suitcase she can take back and forth between apartments.

Mindy can’t think about this for too long because she hasn’t paid her taxes in 6 years and the IRS has caught up to her. Fortunately for her, she hired a lawyer to fix this for her a few months ago. Unfortunately for her, it’s Cliff (yay, Glenn Howerton’s back) and he’s still very angry that she cheated on him with Danny. The only way she can get him to help her is by having him feel sorry for her. She lies to him and tells him that Danny cheated on her and they’ve broken up.

Being in the very honest relationship that she is, she tells Danny all of this…well, all of it except for the fact that she and Cliff are meeting the next night at a restaurant to deal with her taxes. For the record, she wanted to meet him in his office. She’s very reluctant to go meet him, but she gets backed into a corner. At her meeting with Cliff, he reveals to her that Danny is still married. He never got divorced. Mindy confronts Danny with this news and accidentally lets it slip that she found out from Cliff at dinner.

Back at the office, Peter’s taking Lauren’s cheating on him somewhat civilly, even when she asks him if they can “put a pin” in their relationship, meaning they should take a break. I feel bad for Peter. Sure, I guess you can say Jeremy’s the better guy, but Peter’s come a long way from being just the douche frat boy from when he first showed up. #TeamPeter? But maybe with someone else who isn’t Lauren, even though I adore Tracey Wigfield.

When Peter finds out that Jeremy has lunch plans with Lauren, he anonymously tips immigration services that they should keep an eye on him. When Jeremy tells the office he’s probably going to get deported, he also tells them that Lauren wants to “put a pin in” their relationship, just as she did for Peter. This makes Peter take back his anonymous tip, but not before Lauren hears that Jeremy might be sent away. She’s distraught at the idea and they decide to unpin their relationship and resume dating. Poor Peter.

Back to Danny and Mindy, Danny hires Cliff to handle his divorce in exchange for his Yankee stadium seat. This is so selfless of Danny. Not to mention that he’s crying as Cliff’s inspecting his beloved seat. When they finish signing the papers, Cliff lets Danny know that there’s no sign of Mindy in his apartment. When Cliff and Mindy were dating, her things were all over the place, and now you can’t even tell that Mindy spends all her time at Danny’s apartment. This makes Danny think about making some changes. His first act is to buy Mindy an item of furniture, a very “Mindy” style night table.

And actually, can I just take this space to say how proud I am of The Mindy Project. It’s been dealing with their relationship perfectly. I know it’s only been 3 episodes, but still. There’s no sign of their chemistry and romance stopping. And I think a lot of people feared and expected it to happen. When you get your main characters together, then what? Sure, we don’t have an answer to that question still, but at least The Mindy Project writers and cast are successfully and steadily treading through it.


“The Liberty Bell is a piece of crap. There’s a crack right down the middle. And you know what, that was jacked up well before I hit the scene.” – Mindy (You can see her try to cover up her laughter mid-sentence. This has been happening more often.)

“Your kisses are for 3 things. Your ma, your girl, and your wrestling coach after you win Regionals.” – Danny

“Now get in the bedroom.” “Ooh.” “No. We’re folding socks.” – Danny and Mindy

More of a random thought. I love all of the new clips they show of New York City. Clearly the trip there last season helped.

“Hey, I heard you guys broke up and I, for one, am happy because I was never a fan of this relationship.” “We didn’t break up!” “You’re my favorite couple and I wish you nothing but luck.” – Morgan and Danny

Peter’s wink to baby Henry. Peter’s impersonation of Jeremy. Basically everything Peter.

“Christina will retain ownership of your boat.” “That’s okay. After Captain Phillips, I got too spooked to go on it.” – Cliff and Danny

“I got it at some girl boutique called Isabel’s attic. The lady’s cat was all over me.” “You met Doily?! If she likes you that’s huge!” – Danny and Mindy