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Web Series Review: ‘MisSpelled’ Sets Up Magic


As per usual the Internet is proving, once again, to be a far more diverse space than any other media platform. MisSpelled is a webseries following five community college students who, upon taking the same class, discover that they’re witches belonging to the same coven.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any witch-related media, but upon watching MisSpelled, it’s not hard to remember why the subject is such a good choice: it’s just so rich with mythology, and already pre-packaged for drama. The YouTube series features five different girls (each played by actresses of color) with varying and growing abilities, thrown together against their will because of a higher power, and an increasing interdependence on each other. Spiritually, the girls are linked up. But that doesn’t mean that their group is an instant, neat fit.

As of now, there are only three episodes available online. Already though, I can tell you what the best feature of the show is: its diverse cast.

A quick Google image search of television witches will tell you what you need to know: it has, predominantly, been a white space. American Horror Story, perhaps, being the exception, but that show is batshit, and completely out of the realm of any kind of ‘normal’. MisSpelled, however, isn’t trying to achieve a gory vibe in its production. Instead we’re shown five girls, all different shapes, temperaments, and power levels, that are just trying to live normal lives with extra facets of magical energy attached to their very real humanity.

As mentioned above, there are only three episodes and a prologue available so far, but I’m already hopeful about how good this show could be. I’m not sure how the format will progress, the last two episodes focusing on the consequences of Gladys accidentally killing her boyfriend in a blind rage that she can’t yet control, but I hope that this focus on her means we get to see more of each of the individual characters’ lives in separate turns. Often the most meaningful moments from group-set shows come from the extra scenes that we, as the viewers, get an invitation to see that the other characters don’t.

The modernity of the show is also fun, with technology having a role to play, even within the spiritual world that the girls have come to realize they inhabit. For most of the world technology is our version of  magic, and it should be interesting to see how MisSpelled continues to portray its involvement in a world with higher powers. We’ve already seen one of the girls floating her iPhone to take selfies, and another asking if maybe they should stop and Google the spell that they’re about try out for the first time as a group. I love magic, but I love even more that humans have created their own version of it, so I’m excited to see how the show will combine the two.

But mostly I’m just excited to watch a show made by and about diverse women. MisSpelled is just setting itself up, but already, there’s magic in the air.

The series can be found here, more information about the production here, and a competition to create a t-shirt design for the girls (with great prizes!) is up on their Tumblr. Follow the series on Facebook and Twitter @_MisSpelled.