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The Leftovers 1×08 “Cairo” Recap: Patti Is Kidnapped

Chief Kevin Garvey is having an identity crisis, his daughter Jill is secretly looking for hope and meaning in this mixed up world, Patti from the Guilty Remnant is all tied up and Nora may not carry a gun in her purse anymore, but she still keeps it around. That about sums up The Leftovers episode entitled “Cairo.”

At first all seems well with Chief Kevin Garvey as he prepares his home for a dinner with new paramour Nora – oh, and for Nora to meet his daughter Jill. Of course Jill is the clichéd typical teenager balking at the idea of her divorced father having a girlfriend. She even confronts Nora about the gun in her purse she used to carry, and Jill seems mad when Nora hands her purse over and the gun is not there.

Of course, Garvey has more pressing issues than his daughter not liking his new girlfriend. It seems when Garvey goes to sleep, a darker, more Mr. Hyde, version of himself comes out to play. When he wakes up the next morning, he is in the woods with the strange man who likes to kill dogs and they have kidnapped and tied up Patti from the Guilty Remnant.

As Garvey wrestles over what to do with Patti, of course the big mouthed woman says she will tell everyone he kidnapped her, others wrestle with things as well. Jill searches for answers, and even breaks into Nora’s house to prove to herself Nora still owns a gun, and Garvey’s Guilty Remnant member ex-wife is completing a task Patti set out for her.

In the end, the audience finds out the Guilty Remnant has stolen clothes from the missing family members in the town and purchased the life-like mannequins reference in an earlier episode. It seems they are planning to lay them all out to prove some twisted point.

Jill and her pouty sullen mouth decided all hope is lost and winds up on the Guilty Remnant’s doorstep and asking her mother if she can stay there.

Garvey finally decides to let Patti go and deal with the consequences, but of course that weirdo will have none of that. She takes a piece of broken glass and stabs herself in the neck – trying to prove some kind of point. The thing about martyrs, however, is a martyr is remembered for a while but in the end they are just dead.