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The Leftovers 1×07 “Solace For Tired Feet” Recap

After a superb episode last week, The Leftovers went back to its depressing, tiresome drudgery. Reminding fans that, yes, 2% of the population just disappeared and, yes, the people left behind are struggling to just make it through the day.

The shining spot in the series is the character Nora Durst, played by the superb Carrie Coon. The Nora-centric episode last week gave the show hope, but that was dashed quickly in the episode “Solace For Tired Feet.”

The highlight of the episode goes to Nora, of course, who commits an act viewers have been wanting to do themselves. Coming back from a date with Garvey, they find two members of the Guilty Remnant standing in front of Nora’s house. As Garvey tries to reason with them, Nora wants nothing to do with them, as she sprays them with a water hose. Garvey approves and so do I.

This week’s episode was about dashing dreams and beliefs. Chief Garvey’s daughter Jill realized she isn’t such a bad-ass as she agreed to be locked in an abandoned fridge, breaking the 25 minute record for being locked in it, only to have the handle break as they were getting her out, and being stuck in it. Her grandfather, who had just escaped from a mental institution and also just to happen by and rescue Jill, would also cause a stir for Jill and her father Chief Garvey.

Chief Garvey seemed to be having a pretty good day – as we open with him completing his fourth date with Nora Durst. Nora had gotten a new attitude after getting a hug from the self-proclaimed messiah Wayne.

Garvey’s good day turned bad when he learns his father has escaped and he wakes from a Twin Peaks worthy dream to find out he has a dog bite on his hand and has inherited a wild dog – as it is tied up in his back yard.

Speaking of Garvey and “messiah Wayne,”  Garvey’s son Tom’s tenuous faith in Wayne is shattered when he learns the great pregnant lady, Christine, he is protecting is not the only Asian pregnant lady Wayne has charged a hapless sap to take care of. After being shot in the hand, doing an errand off for Wayne – dropping off $3,000 for Wayne (half of the money he has left), Tom comes back to Christine to find out she has given birth to a girl.

Meanwhile, Garvey is tracking down his addle-brained father. When they meet in a diner, his father spouts some prophecy about how Garvey has been called. Well, Garvey, who thinks he may be going crazy, still isn’t going to put up with his father’s brand of crazy.

The episode closes with Garvey closing the deal with Nora, as the duo share an intimate moment. Garvey says he thinks he is going crazy and Nora says join the club. Another great line from Nora.