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First Look at ‘Selfie’ and ‘A to Z’ Pilots

The pilots for “Selfie” and “A to Z” are now available for viewing on Hulu.

“Selfie” on ABC follows Eliza (Karen Gillan), a woman obsessed with herself and all things social media (although she does pronounce “gif” wrong), who enlists the help of Henry (John Cho), a marketing coworker, to better her image make her a better person.

“A to Z” on NBC is a romantic comedy focusing on Andrew (Ben Feldman), a “guy’s guy” who is also a romantic, and Zelda (Cristin Milioti), a “girl’s girl” and a realist who distances herself from anything romantic. Although we’re told they only date for 8 months, we don’t know if their relationship will work out or it’s just fate that it won’t. Watch here.

Watch the pilots for yourself and tell us in the comments if you’ll give them a go when they actually air.