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MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ Baby Special and Reunion

MTV’s Are You The One is one of the trashiest new reality TV shows I’ve had the pleasure of watching this year. The series, which features 20 unlucky-in-love young people looking to find their perfect match, premiered in January and was subsequently renewed for a second season. While 90% of the couples matched on the first season of Are You The One failed to work out, the show managed to produce at least one successful pair that is still holding on strong: Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond.

The couple got engaged at the Are You The One live reunion special and have since announced they are now expecting a baby. MTV is planning another Are You The One reunion and baby special for Monday, September 22nd.

If you’re a fan of trashy reality television, then Are You The One is right up your alley. The first season followed 10 men and women living together in a house in Hawaii who were tasked with figuring out all 10 perfect matches in order to win $1 million. As you can probably expect, hormones, jealousy, and love triangles ran rampant in the first season of Are You The One.

Season 2 will debut on Monday, September 29th at 10/9 central.