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Hemlock Grove 2×02 “Gone Sis” Recap: Miranda Cates Crash Lands Into Town

Roman invites an outsider to be his guest. Destiny attempts to bring clarity to Peter’s dreams. Olivia grows frustrated adapting to her ailments.

And the binge watching continues! Episode 2 opens on your typical sleazy motel as Roman pulls up in his fancy ass car. He helps a woman in a blue wig out of her seat and into their room, where he tries to eat her (again) and stops himself just in time (again). Blue Wig still needs to get paid, though, and calls her pimp in to rough Roman up. Roman proceeds to eat the pimp.

Madeline Brewer makes her first appearance as Miranda Cates driving down a road at night. She checks the messages on her phone, cheesily responding to them out loud even though no one can hear her snarking. Shortly afterward she’s run off the road by a truck smashing into her car.

She escapes, but not unscathed, and it just so happens that the nearest house from which she can get help is Roman Godfrey’s. She pleads for him to not call the cops because she doesn’t have insurance and he lets her in the house to call a towing company. Oh ho ho, like the one Peter now works for? I see what you’re doing here, Hemlock Grove.

Roman keeps putting off giant creeper vibes, which obviously freaks Miranda out. Girl’s got good instincts, which is a great thing to have in a town like this.

Over at the Rehabilitation Center, Olivia is tending to her garden when a bird flies into the window and dies. Bad omen. Bad, bad omen. She talks to Pryce about a memory she had of Roman as a child as Pryce helps her exercise her body. Pryce tells her what she’s feeling is empathy (explains why Olivia teared up upon seeing the dead bird earlier, when the previous Olivia probably would have just eaten it or something). They both worry about what Roman’s going to do about the research funding and his bloodlust.

Now morning time, Peter is strolling down a street when a truck rolls up and out spills Andreas of the Hot Beard and Leather Jacket. He drove all the way down there for Destiny? CUTE. I SHIP IT. Up until Andreas either dies tragically or does something evil, that is, because I’m sure it’s gonna be one or the other. Peter drives away with a disgusted look on his face as Destiny and Andreas get their mack on.

He goes to visit his mother in jail, but Lynda’s visitation rights have been suspended. Peter doesn’t take it well. He’s forced to leave when he causes a scene.

Peter goes to work extremely late (what his boss hilariously refers to as “asshole time”) where he meets a waiting Madeline and tells her she’s out $3200 for repairs. Miranda is devastated. Peter offers to look into used parts for her to lower the price. As they search for the parts, the two of them bond as Peter opens up about his past with his mother.

Meanwhile rich boy Roman is off buying a horse. Probably to eat it. Which is a shame, because that thing is worth a fuckload of money – can’t Roman just eat rats or something?

Olivia leaves the rehab center and goes to Godfrey Institute, where she bursts into Roman’s office. They argue over what Pryce has been doing with the funding she used to give him, with Olivia telling Roman it’s better for her to show him than tell him about it, but still unsure if he’s ready to know. She then taps into Roman’s fears about the nature of his being, telling him that he’s not going to be able to resist feeding for long.

Pryce’s Russian scientist buddy is in the lab poking at gross lumps of flesh when Olivia walks in. She asks to speak with Johann “over a snack” which is definitely a code word for something, because Pryce leads her into a restricted room which she explores with an expression of awe on her face.

Marie Godfrey, Norman’s wife (ex-wife? Are they divorced now or separated?), is suing the Godfreys for Letha’s death. Norman warns her against it, but she’s persistent.

Meanwhile, Peter drives Miranda back to Roman’s house and stares in shock as he realizes who she’s staying with. He offers to let her crash at Destiny’s place, but Miranda doesn’t take him up on the offer, and Peter probably doesn’t know how to insist without coming off as weird. Miranda teases Peter with a “What’s he gonna do, eat me?” not knowing how potentially prophetic her words are. Dramatic irony, folks.

Peter goes home and dreams again of the silver mask, smashed dolls, and snakes.

At his own home, Roman checks in on his baby, who has been crying very loudly all day long. Roman desperately tells the nanny to “make her stop,” which is pretty much my exact reaction to crying babies. He leaves to go back downstairs, where Miranda is getting ready to leave for the hotel room she just booked. She thanks him for helping her out and says she’ll look him up if she every becomes a rich and famous author – nice way to slip in Miranda’s profession/aspirations, writers.

Roman calls Miranda out on lying about having a place to go, and offers to let her stay with him. They also do dinner by candlelight, where Miranda tells him she decided to go on a roadtrip to California to escape a bad breakup. Later, Roman introduces Miranda to his still-alive horse and tries to come on to her, but Miranda rejects his advances. That doesn’t stop Roman from spying on her as she bathes, though, the douchebag. Roman then goes out to the stables again and eats his prize horse.

Back at Godfrey Institute, Norman has infiltrated Pryce’s office to ask about Letha’s medical reports. Pryce gives Norman the usual runaround, so Norman announces that he and Marie are suing the Institute after all.

Peter asks Destiny to help him interpret his dream, and using her powers and a psychoactive smoothie Peter spit into, she’s attacked by black tendrils spreading through her body and vomits up a black liquid then passes out. Peter brings her back to consciousness. She tells Peter that he needs to forget about these dreams because they’re dangerous. Peter ignores her warning and sketches out one of the visions in his dream.

When Andreas swaggers in after running errands, he recognizes one of the drawings, “gone sis,” to be the Wagoneer Oasis, a trailer park for horny truckers. Some of the letters on the sign burned out, so that’s all it says now. Peter heads out to track down the meaning of his dream.

Somewhere in the woods, a drunk man stumbles upon some sort of cult sacrifice as several men in silver masks chant in Latin. When he makes himself known, they kill him and bathe in his blood.

Memorable Quotes

Andreas: Ah, Peter, life’s too short for jobs.

Olivia: Empathy? What a quaint waste of time. Isn’t there something you can give me to make it go away?
Pryce: Think of it as a departure from your normal sociopathy.

Pryce: My concern is that his dislike of me is eclipsed only by his hatred of you.

Olivia: Out of my way, you twitchy little maggot, or I’ll have you cremated.

Olivia: Johann’s work… well, I’m alive because of it.
Roman: I knew there was a reason I hated everything about him.

Roman: I don’t want to progress. I want to be human. [Yo, has anyone written a Being Human crossover yet? A werewolf, an upir, and a vargulf move into an apartment complex…]

Norman: “Before ingesting, consult your physician.” So, basically, I look in the mirror and self-medicate.

Norman: Because that is what laywers are paid to do. …They will put Letha on trial. They will say hateful, awful things about her so they can save a few bucks. That is how it works.

Destiny: You wanna know what your dream means, right? So we need to go to the source of all things.
Peter: The human race is fucked if the source of all things is in your bathroom.

Rating: C+