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Video: New ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Promo

MTV’s Teen Wolf blasts back across YouTube and social media today with a spoilery 30-second trailer that, as usual, makes sweet use of pop-edge music and intense visuals.

The song “Don’t Run Our Hearts Around” by Black Mountain starts the video with an eerie, repetitive chorus that turns jarring once the guitar kicks in. Similarly, and in a nice feat of graphic-lyric matching, the first images we see are of last season’s fallen: Allison the hero followed by the villain Nogitsune/Stiles. I admit, it hurts to see Allison’s death used so blatantly in the marketing. I’m still not over losing my favorite character.

The text “FROM THE ASHES … RISE” pops up over the same ash imagery as the prior teaser. As I personally subscribe t0 the elements meta theory of Teen Wolf, this intrigues me. If the core thematic element of season 1 was fire, season 2 was water, season 3A was earth, and season 3B was energy, then what does the ash represent? Air, perhaps, or death.

Next we get an image bombardment that’s standard for Teen Wolf marketing. There’s quite a bit of spoilers apparent right off the bat: we see a brief flash of two major characters playing tonsil hockey, what might be Kira winning a wicked bar fight, and what I’m 80% sure is the transformed face of Kate Argent. There’s a giant creepy skull monster that’s looks like a cross between the Jersey Devil and the grim reapers from Death Note. My bet, though, is on it being a chupacabra. After all, this spring gave us rumors of scenes filmed in Mexico. As a show, Teen Wolf has repeatedly chosen to write in mythical and cryptoid monsters that are atypical for the genre of urban fantasy television.

Teen Wolf returns Monday, June 23rd at 10PM.

Watch Teen Wolf Season 3B here.