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Rita Ora’s Film Debut on “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

Rita Ora is getting nervous about her upcoming film debut in the 50 Shades of Grey adaptation. Set to hit theaters February of 2015, filming recently wrapped, but as Pop Crush reports, Ora is concerned about how her acting talents will be received when presented on the silver screen.


While she has had experience on set and on camera for her music videos, she has yet to have an acting role in a motion picture. She told Pop Crush “I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. Of course I’m nervous. It’s my first movie, you know.” She added, “A music video is so different to doing a movie. I was so scared of all the people on set, and [Director Sam Taylor-Johnson] is so nice and she made me feel very comfortable.”

Ora also stated that what attracted her to the role of Mia, Christian Grey’s younger adoptive sister, was the scandalous nature of author E.L. James’ stories. She stated that “everybody has a different opinion, but for me, you know, shock value is what I remember.”

She might be anxious about her critics reaction, but she certainly isn’t shy about having her name tied to such an overtly sexual film. Chances are the movie will fuel even more discussion and products of a sexual nature than it already has. The novels even inspired adult store Adam and Eve to sell sex toys based on those described in the books.

The Brit bombshell might not be worried about being linked to such a racy franchise, but the question is, how will diligent 50 Shades of Grey fan’s feel about her portrayal of Mia Grey?

Mia is described as petite and curvaceous. Her personality is bubbly and outgoing, all characteristics that Mia and Rita share. Mia is further described as being just as intelligent as she is pretty. She is an excellent cellist, speaks fluent French, and studied culinary arts in Paris. The most obvious difference between Mia and Rita’s is a physical characteristic—their hair. While Ora is known for her bright blond locks, Mia is described as having raven-hair, styled in a short, sleek bob.

Some fans aren’t happy with the decision. Suggestions on the movie’s message boards say someone who looks younger and more innocent would have made a better Mia, such as Lucy Hale or Camilla Belle.

Only time will tell how the crew will transform her look to resemble Mia, but one thing is for certain: Whether she’s singing to a sold out crowd, or ripping the shirt off of Zac Efron at the MTV Movie Awards, Ora clearly puts on one hell of show. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume her film debut will be just as great!