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Continuum 3×12 “The Dying Minutes” Recap

Alliances turned and futures changed in the Continuum episode leading up to the Season 3 finale.

Realizing she had backed the wrong Alec Sadler, Kiera devises a plan to get the alternate timeline Alec out of the clutches of the Freelancers. She enlists the help of former John Doe, Brad. The two have gotten over the fact that he killed the Kiera from the current timeline and both realize what the deviances in the timeline have done and will do.

Sonya also realizes that and she has come to the somber realization there is but one thing she can do.

We also get a peek into the Freelancers and find out how Curtin Chen cheated death – he was cured “or merged” with the original time traveler – the one being held by the Freelancers. The original time traveler was the one who traveled back in time, they never mentioned how far, to start the Freelancers.

What went down to set up the Season 3 finale:

  • Sonya decides to take out one up-and-coming fascist dictator by making herself a human bomb, allowing herself to be arrested, and blowing her and Dillon up in the precinct.
  • Kiera frees future Alec from the Freelancers, with Brad’s help.
  • Kiera and the now free future Alec re-hash the last few months between each other and it is not an amicable meeting – too much betrayal and mistrust between the both of them.
  • Through the prison break of Alec, and Curtis Chen, the Freelancers are all but wiped out – including the leader of the cell that has been dealing with Kiera.
  • Current timeline Alec is growing darker as the HALO bracelet continues to take away more freedom from society.
  • Alec is reunited with Emily in a remote cabin in the woods; Alec is taken there by Brad and Kiera meets up with them.
  • Kiera and Brad watch Alec and Emily pack up and leave as Brad takes Kiera’s hand in his.

This all sets up one final showdown that will pit Kiera, Brad and LIBER8 all on the same side against the darker version of Alec Sadler.