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Continuum 3×11 “3 Minutes to Midnight” Recap

Things are finally shaking out and it seems people who were believed to be on opposing sides may just find themselves on the same side of the line.

It all starts with Kiera. It appears she has backed the wrong Alec Sadler. In the full reveal, after Liber8 finally gets their hands on the protector – the mysterious John Doe who has been bunking in Kiera’s apartment is from 30 years in the future that is a lot different than the timeline Kiera and the LIBER8 crew came from.

I liked Lucas’ analogy about capturing Kiera would be like the Coyote capturing the Roadrunner. What now?

Trying to extract information from John Doe, after LIBER8 captures him and Kiera, it is revealed he has gotten his memory back. As Travis and Sonya grill him he finally drops the bombshell about what timeline he is from and that he was the one that killed this timeline’s Kiera. He only does this after Garza uses a nail gun to shoot a nail through Kiera’s right foot.

As LIBER8 try to process the information about possibly changing the future, Kiera and John Doe try and escape. When they are free and try the escape attempt it results in a stand-off that is only broken up when Kellog arrives with Curtis. They reveal all John Doe is saying is true and leave LIBER8, Kiera and John Doe to process the information. It also seems like maybe Kiera and LIBER8 may join foces.

And it may be great timing for LIBER8 and Kiera to join forces as the current timeline Alec turns darker and darker as he tries to get his HALO project to work. Even sacrificing Jason’s sanity as he continues to wear the beta bracelet for HALO.

After a convoluted storyline to start the season, I finally see the vision of the storyline. I am just wondering if they have jerked around the timeline so much there is no way back and no way for Kiera to ever go home.