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Continuum 3×10 “Revolutions Per Minute” Recap



After a collection of convoluted episodes, this week’s installment of Continuum finally reminded me why I really enjoy this show.

There weren’t just one shocking reveal in the episode but four. In a show that enjoys bending the minds of the audience, this could truly be a mind melding experience. But after the sluggish episodes of previous weeks it truly was a nice change of pace.

Let’s go ahead and dole out the big reveals and address them accordingly.

  • “Who is Alec Sadler?”
  • Current timeline Alec stole the dead Kiera’s body and extracted her CMR
  • John Doe is actually the one who killed the other Kiera and not Curtis
  • John Doe was sent from the future – a field soldier who lost his family and is on a one-way trip

There are alliances formed and alliances broken in this episode and it was good to see Kiera and Carlos working as partners again. It was also nice to see the duo getting back to stopping LIBER8, or so it seems. They decide to go on the offense and look at other companies that might be a target for LIBER8 and find a company called Gautuma.

Kiera also finds out Inspector Dillon’s daughter, Christine, is a plant at LIBER8, and is working at Gautuma, looking to report back to them and to her father.

Alec makes a breakthrough with his device HALO and Jason agrees to test out the product. It seems to be working for Jason, lifting the haze he says he is under, but near the end of the episode there seems to be some dangerous side-effects for Jason.

Carlos also goes looking for Alec when he finds out Alec has taken the dead Kiera’s body. Alec tells him he wants to plan a proper send-off for her and Carlos agrees. Later we learn Alec is planning the service only to try and hid the fact that he extracted her DMR.

Kiera and Carlos suspect Gautuma’s big break-through drug for Alzehimers is actually the dangers drug from the future Flash – which LIBER8 had manufactured and introduced almost a year ago. Kiera goes invisible, thanks to her suit, and gets a sample of the drug to test. She gives one vial to Carlos but she has actually taken three vials with the intention of giving one to the John Doe camping out in her apartment to find out who he really is.

Kiera also asks for Matthew Kellog’s help to sink Gautuma when they find out they are using Flash for their miracle drug. It is when Kellog is at Kiera’s apartment that he meets John Doe – who seems in awe of Kellog. He states he is a big deal and Kiera asks “bigger then Alec Sadler?” For which John Doe wonders who is Alec Sadler? This is a subtle comment that will have far-reaching meaning I believe.

Kiera also gets Christine out of the clutches of LIBER8 when she doesn’t agree with Dillon to leave his daughter in their clutches. She publically extracts her all but ruining her cover.

It also seems, after Kiera and Kellog down Gautuma, that maybe Sonja also enlisted the help of Kellog and maybe Kiera and Sonja worked together and Kiera didn’t know it.

When Alec calls Kiera saying he needs to see her – Alec has seen the full playback on the dead Kiera’s CMR which is the third big reveal of the episode, and John Doe is the one who shot her. Kiera is shocked and then touched Alec wants to do a funeral service for dead Kiera and she and Carlos meet Alec to send her off. Alec has a plan to disperse her into the voice and just before he does so, Kiera realizes her other self’s CMR is missing.

Kiera confronts Alec and she sees the cold in this Alec’s eyes. She said the Alec she met two years ago wouldn’t have done this. She also shows the first signs that she is backing the wrong Alec. Upset at being called out by Kiera, Alec doesn’t reveal what he found on the CMR – which could prove to be dangerous for Kiera.

A solid episode that really has me looking forward to the final batch of episodes.