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Continuum 3×09 “Minute of Silence” Recap



The fall out of a death and the introduction of a mysterious stranger highlight the Continuum episode “Minute of Silence.”

After the shocking death of Betty, after she is gunned down in the streets meeting an informant, Carlos and Kiera look to investigate her death. However, Dylan tells them the case has been handed over to Internal Affairs and to move on.

This is another tough blow for Carlos who is still reeling from the death of whom he assumes is “his” Kiera. It is a burden he can’t bear alone anymore as he finally goes to the Alec of this timeline and shows him the dead Kiera.

An already distrustful Alec is enraged at this “other Kiera” as he sees her now for lying to him yet again. There are two of me and two of her, he laments to Carlos, as he also tries to process the death of “his” Kiera.

Meanwhile, Kiera is charged with finding out about an amnesiac who awakes from a coma with only one name on his lips – hers. As they peel back the layers of his life, it is revealed they may share a history which is set in the future.

It seems this unknown John Doe was a man Kiera helped bust in the future – as he was a doctor who was erasing people’s identity to put them under the radar of the corporation.

Meanwhile, Alec is not only dealing with the knowledge of two Kiera’s, one dead, he is also fending off Kellog who is suing him for breach of contract. It seems the contract Alec signed with him, before taking over Piron, had a non-competitive clause – meaning Alec can’t work for a competitor, even if he owns the company.

Kellog informs Alec that Sadtec is the only company of the future and he owns the controlling shares. Instead of getting bogged down in legal battles, Alec decides to bring Kellog on board to Piron and will deal directly with him.

The episodes are getting a bit more linear, instead of all over the place, but I still feel like season three has lacked a lot of focus. Not to mention for two seasons Kiera’s goal was to get home to her future and her son and husband, a duo we have rarely had a flashback, or flash forward to, all season.