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Continuum 3×07 “Waning Minutes” Recap


Continuum took a different turn this week breaking from the norm of a flash into to the future before dealing with the tasks of the present.

As Kiera locks up Curtis in the glass case for killing her, he asks her to open her eyes as he is put in the case. This leads Kiera to think about a moment in her past that is actually the future.

This leads Continnum to change its format and spend most of the episode in the future, Kiera’s past – instead of flashing there for a second and then going back to the present.

The episode centers around Kiera capturing a fugitive only to have the transport crash, with Kiera and the fugitive – Jawarski – being the only survivors. They are found by an fringe group who have escaped from under the thumb of the corporations. It is this group where Kagame happens to be hiding out, recovering from a gunshot wound, and we also see his power of persuasion as he recruits a young and naïve Sonya.

One of the leaders of the fringe group decides he is going to ransom the fugitive Jawarski to the faction that will pay the most, while Kiera is held at bay by a device that blocks her CMR. Soon after, Sonya removes the device, because it is doing her detrimental harm.

It is during this time that Kiera’s husband is paid a visit by a functionary who lets him know of the benefits of Kiera’s supposed death – he didn’t even know her transport had crashed. It is sad to know the corporation values Kiera’s death more than when she is alive.

When the fringe faction accesses Kiera’s information, proving she is a protector, this triggers an alert with the corporations and they know she is alive.

This all sets up to show how far the corporations will go in the future. Even to this day, Kiera believes Kagame blew up the camp where the small fringe group was living in peace – when in actuality it was the corporation that did so based on the information of where she was, proving they are willing to squash anything and anyone trying to live outside the circle they have built.

Let’s be fair – this was a filler episode in a time when this show really couldn’t afford one. At the end of the episode, Kiera explains she is going home. But where is home? Is it in the present or 2077? Does she still want to get back to her family because there has been very little mention of her husband or son all season, in fact when they flashed to him in the episode I couldn’t even remember his name.

The first two seasons of Continuum were fresh, innovative and – at times – heartbreaking. This season seems to be convoluted mess.