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Continuum 3×06 “Wasted Minutes” Recap


The episode begins with a flash forward to Kiera’s future as she is dying from a chemical attack. As she is pleading with the doctor to help her, and almost takes her life, the antidote arrives courtesy of the company Somanto.

Somanto is the target of LIBER8 as Travis and Sonya infiltrate the company, stealing seemingly harmless byproducts, to make a dangerous chemical weapon. In the end, it really isn’t the chemical weapon they are interested in, but the company itself. Digging deeper into the company, thanks to Kiera and Carlos’ investigation, reveals traitorous backroom dealings.

As Kiera faces another threat from LIBER8 she is also facing the tough decision on which Alec she must kill. The time-traveling Alec makes it easier for her when he states his plan to run away with Emily – effectively running away from his destiny and the future that would correct the timeline.

Time-traveling Alec is also hell bent on making sure current timeline Alec doesn’t have the files on Emily that could be used to control her in the future. He and Emily construct an elaborate plan to sneak into the company current timeline Alec is running and steal the file.

During this, time-traveling Alec is also reconstructing the suit from the Kiera that is dead so that they will mesh with the alternate time-line Kiera.

Both Alec’s are helping Kiera out in the chemical weapon case against LIBER8 though neither know. When time-traveling Alec sneaks in and gets the files on Emily he is sidelined when Kiera needs his help, after confronting current timeline Alec and knocking him out.

Just as Alec is completing helping Kiera the other Alec wakes up and Kiera hears it all. She goes rushing to the aid of both.

When she sees how violent time-traveling Alec has become, she makes her decision and shoots him. Though she doesn’t kill him, taking him to the faction patrolling the timelines, and tells them the best thing to do is keep this Alec under lock and key.

Just as Kiera prepares to leave, the two CMR’s from her suit mesh and she sees who killed the other Kiera – it was Curtin. She draws her gun on Curtis and shows the video feed to Catherine as the episode ends.

I felt this episode was a bit more linear and easier to follow – as the show was powering toward the point it was trying to make. I am still waiting for some of the match of the previous seasons and hope it comes soon.

In closing, for the did-you-know file, this episode was directed by Stargate alum Amanda Tapping.