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Continuum 3×06 “So Do Our Minutes Hasten” Recap



When Continuum began, Kiera Cameron saw her world, and the past she found herself in, in black and white. After the events of the season three episode “So Do Our Minutes Hasten,” Kiera is beginning to realize there are shades of grey.

The realization that LIBER8 may have a point to their cause is something Kiera begins to wrestle with. Not to mention Kiera agreeing to work with Garza when LIBER8 is framed for a mass murder, thanks to a biological gas attack on a company.

Kiera also begins to trust Betty, who is trying to prove herself to Kiera, Carlos and Dillon after it was revealed she had been helping LIBER8.

In this episode, Dillon splits up Carlos and Kiera, as Kiera works with Dillon to find out who was responsible for the mass murder of a group of employees at a company. Carlos is tasked with finding a whistle-blower who may have ties to Julian.

In the end, Carlos, Kiera and Betty realize Dillon is pushing the corporate police, that is the reigning peacekeeping force, in Kiera’s future. In the course of the episode, the trio realize the corporation Sonmanto, which has been LIBER8’s target, may have been responsible for the murder of the employees of a rival company in order to force the other companies stock prices to fall.

Even more shocking is that Dillon may have known about it and continued to try and push the blame on LIBER8.

Alec is trying to make a name for himself at his new company. He is shocked when Jason, as his son in the future, shows up asking to help him with a project. Jason went at the prodding of Kellog who only talked him into going so he could spy on Alec – as the new pair of glasses he gave him sends back a video feed to Kellog.

When Betty, Kiera and Carlos go out for a drink to talk over their theories, Betty gets a call to meet a hacker who may be able to help them. Outside the bar, where they are, Betty meets the hacker but she and the man are gunned down by the mercenary that was hired by Sonmanto to kill the group of employees – and now it seems Betty as well.