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Continuum 3×05 “30 Minutes to Air” Recap


As two timelines converge and fracture, relationships also come apart in this week’s episode of Continuum. Present-day and time-traveling Alex square off against each other as one collects wealth and knowledge, while another revels in his goal of saving Emily from dying and capturing her love.

An Alex Kiera believed she could trust, the one from the current timeline, is quickly becoming one she should be leery of. Learning Escher was his father, basking in his new found power and stinging from learning of Emily’s betrayal have started him down a dark path. He cut ties with Kellogg turning their alliance into an adversarial one. His continuing mistrust bleeds over to Keira at a key time when Keira needs him the most.

LIBER8 is also continuing their terrorist tendencies and recruiting people in the present timeline. This recruitment reaches Inspector Dillion’s daughter who is arrested for placing a banner on a weapons manufacturer’s office building. This builds mistrust toward Dillion wondering if he would show favoritism to his daughter.

Dillion decides to go on a television talk show to answer questions and this is when LIBER8 strikes taking over the TV station and holding everyone hostage including Dillion. Kiera and Carlos are on the case and Kiera uses her suit to go invisible and sneak into the station.

When she is in the station, Kiera discovers a bomb on the door leading to where the hostages, and LIBER8er’s are. She is shocked, and pleased, when she hears Alex’s voice. At first she thinks it is time traveling Alex, believing he fixed their link to each other, but it isn’t. It is current timeline Alex and he is shocked and wounded Kiera knew of the other Alex and didn’t tell him. Alex helps Kiera defuse the bomb and then tells her goodbye – cutting their link to each other permanently.

Travis and Lucas use the guise of wanting the satellite codes from the TV stations to broadcast their message and threaten the hostages if they don’t get them. When they are given incomplete codes they threaten to kill the hostages and that is when Kiera and the Vancouver Police charge in, thanks to Kiera defusing the bomb.

Travis’ message about the danger of the corporations does go out to the public but taking over the station wasn’t their main intent. It was to get to a secure location, owned by the weapons company, to get vital information for LIBER8’s cause.

This episode was about changing alliances and how far people will go for their cause. A flash into Travis’ past, or future however you look at it, shows how far he would go to keep his daughter and wife safe. Dillion showed how much he was willing to sacrifice to take down LIBER8. The end of the episode reveals Dillion’s daughter is an ardent supporter of LIBER8 – she is pretending to be and is going to be used as a mole, looking to be recruited by LIBER8 and report back to her father.

Continuum is a very inventive, and intriguing, show but it is building so many layers and stories that I fear it is moving away from its initial premise. Kiera seems to be just there and never mentions returning to her family anymore. I am not sure if that is by the writers’ design or if the show is completely losing its focus. I just hope it refocuses soon.