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Trailer: Discover the Horrors Underneath Paris in ‘As Above, So Below’

Well, there goes any adventurous desires I still had of exploring hidden underground caves. I’m just gonna stay at home forever where there’s plenty of air conditioning and a shortage of demons trying to drag my ass to hell.

In Legendary Pictures’ upcoming horror flick As Above, So Below, a group of archeaology students decide to explore the catacombs under Paris. But the deeper they go into the catacombs, the closer they get to its “deadly secret” – and they’re confronted with their own personal demons and dark pasts.

This already looks kind of awesome, and hits all of my favorite horror movie tropes. Mysterious underground cave housing a deadly secret? Check. Trapped explorers who totally should have known better than to do this alone and with no backup? Check. Obligatory creepy piano? Check!

I’m a little wary of the found footage aspect, though – based on my experiences with found footage films, there’s a big likelihood for it to be gimmicky, dizzying, and annoying rather than engaging. Still, the trailer managed to interest me enough that I’ll be tuning in to “discover the truth” come August 15.

So how’s about it, guys? Will you be watching As Above, So Below with me, or will you skip out on what might be yet another low budget, obvious jump scare heavy, found footage movie? Let me know in the comments!