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The Mindy Project 2×20 “An Officer and a Gynecologist” Recap

After adding some mementos from her time with Danny to her Breakup Box, Mindy decides that she’s not going to focus on guys and dating anymore, but rather on her work. Specifically on one of her patients, Jenny. She gives her some birth control to try out. Her father, Detective Charlie Lang, played by Tim Daly, later comes into her office furious that she would do that. She only gave Jenny birth control for her own good and to protect her. Det. Lang doesn’t seem to care why she did it, he still sees his daughter as a little girl who doesn’t need that. Before he leaves, he gives Mindy a ticket for “Public Female Hysteria.”

While Danny and Sally are riding the Subway, yes, they’re still dating, they see a bunch of teenagers picking on a rabbi. Danny gets rid of them by threatening them with an umbrella, ooh so threatening. It ends up doing the trick and the rabbi thanks him for his help. The rabbi also checks out Danny’s messenger bag which reads, “Schulman and Associates.” He assumes That Danny is Dr. Schulman and that he’s Jewish. Danny doesn’t have time to correct them because they’re at his stop.

The rabbi ends up being so pleased with Danny that he follows him to his office. He invites him to Shabbat dinner, and although Danny tries to correct him multiple times, he doesn’t get a chance to because the rabbi tells him of all the women he’d be able to send to the practice because he’s a nice Jewish doctor. This would technically be good for the practice so Danny agrees to the dinner.

In the midst of all this, Danny and Mindy seem to have eased back into their old routine as friends. In the doctor’s lounge, they talk a little about Mindy getting over romance, her work problems, and if she were a lesbian, she would totally be with Keira Knightley. They share a very cute moment in which they talk about how long it took Danny to unclasp Mindy’s bra that one time (20 minutes, but he was blindfolded so it counts!) Danny’s pager starts beeping, ending their conversation short. They’re both crestfallen, but Danny breaks the tension by saying it was nice talking to her. (Remember, he hadn’t spoken to her for awhile. He was very depressed without her and her gossip in the last episode). He leaves her with a cheesy Terminator impression: “I’ll be back.” It’s horrible, but Mindy loves it.


That night, Mindy comes home to find Jenny outside her apartment. She lets Jenny stay with her until she has to go back to college for her spring break. The next morning, Jenny finds Mindy’s Breakup Box and Mindy tells her that one day, she too, will have a box filled with “conquests.” Mindy also lets Jenny invite some friends over that night.

At the office, Danny enlists Peter’s help to accompany him to the dinner that night, but he’ll only do it if he gets 56% of the new patients. At the dinner, things don’t go too well when one of the Rabbi’s sons walks in on Peter in the restroom. He isn’t circumcised, causing Peter and Danny to admit that they’ve been lying through dinner. Peter gets so worked up that he points out all the things Danny lies about, including his love life, “[Sally’s] not the one you want.” The rabbi ends up getting so mad that he throws them out.

When Mindy comes home that night, she finds that Jenny’s invited friends to a very sensual party. There are people making out in the corners and Morgan handcuffed to the bed. Jenny’s decided that she’s going to lose her virginity to him. Mindy stops it all by calling her dad. While he kicks everyone out, Mindy has a heart-to-heart with Jenny, telling her that she has to make good decisions. Jenny just wants for guys to be interested in her so she can even make decisions. Mindy admits to Jenny that she lost her virginity when she was 22, she’s adorable and she should just take her time.

The next morning, while riding the subway together, Danny untangles Mindy’s earphones from around her neck very sweetly. Mindy then tells him about what happened with Jenny and that if she has a daughter, she’s going to end up following her to college to supervise. While there, all the cute boys will be like, “Who’s your younger sister?” And Mindy will respond with, “I’m the mom.” Danny clearly finds this very endearing, as he’s smiling very widely at her. The rabbi sees this whole exchange and calls Danny to let him know that he thinks Danny and Sally are in love.(He thinks Mindy’s Sally).

“If what the two of you have isn’t real. I don’t know what is. That is love, my friend. Nothing more Jewish than dating an Asian girl…Welcome to the tribe, Daniel.”

Danny seems to be somewhat taken aback by what he said as he can’t stop staring at Mindy when they get off the subway. By now, Danny’s fully aware that he’s in love with Mindy if other people can see it just by looking at them. The lovestruck look he’s giving Mindy falters when he spots Sally waiting for him on the sidewalk. His smile fades as he tells her that they need to talk, implying that he’s gonna break up with her. It seems that Danny’s going to try to win Mindy back in the next 2 episodes.

Memorable Moments

“The tall and white to the short and white.” – Mindy (I love when Mindy takes a dig at the critics)

“I heard that Morgan makes you fat and cranky.” “So does pregnancy.” – Jenny and Mindy

I’d like to hear the rest of Mindy’s birth control rhyme/song.

“Susan Robinson?” “No, I’m Beverly Something.” – Detective Charlie


“You know what encourages sex? Alchohol, hotness, black music.” – Mindy

“Where’s your mom?” “The morgue……She’s a coroner in Iowa.” – Mindy and Jenny

“Child of Abroham.” – Peter

“Harry Connick Jew, everybody.” – Peter