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The Mindy Project 2×19 “Think Like a Peter” Recap

In an effort to get over her heartbreak, Mindy tries going out with a guy named Phil, who she finds boring. Danny, who still thinks that things between them can go back to normal, when clearly they can’t, finds her lying down on the floor of her office. He gets excited at the prospect of her telling him the drama she’s obsessing over, but she shuts him down, telling him that there’s nothing she needs to talk to him about. As soon as she does that, though, she calls over Peter to talk to him about the drama. It seems like Peter’s taken the place of Danny as Mindy’s friend in the office. It’s too awkward for Mindy to talk to Danny about other guys she’s seeing when she still has feelings for him.

Peter’s advice to Mindy is that she should “think like a Peter” and date everyone she possibly can and cut them loose if she doesn’t like them. He takes her out to a bar that night so she can find a rebound. That rebound is none other than Max Greenfield playing a 1st grade teacher named Lee. They hit if off so well that they end up having a one-night stand, which doesn’t end as well when Mindy finds herself alone in her bed the next morning. She does find a glimmer of hope when she realizes that he left his scarf behind, a la Cinderella, which in her mind obviously means that he wants to see her again.

Meanwhile, Danny’s looking around the office for a knife because you can’t eat chicken breast without a knife! He opens the pantry to find Morgan and Tamra making out, or something like that. After they kick him out, Tamra goes to apologize to Danny, which he finds as the perfect opportunity to listen to some drama and fill the lack of Mindy-drama in his life. Tamra’s still dating Ray-Ron, but she really likes Morgan and wants to be with him. Danny, drawing from his previous relationship with Mindy, tells Tamra it wouldn’t work because they work together. Her rebuttal is that Morgan challenges her and makes her a better person, a lot like Mindy did for Danny and vice versa. Danny changes Tamra’s mind when he tells her that she shouldn’t want to be challenged by a co-worker. Oh, Danny, that’s exactly what you want.

The next morning, Morgan also apologizes to Danny and lets him know that Tamra ended up staying with her boyfriend, Ray Ron. Danny feels much sadliness (ha) at seeing Morgan so down, that he invites him out to lunch. Before they go though, Morgan visits Ray Ron to let him know that he kissed Tamra. Ray Ron’s completely okay with it because he also kisses other people. It doesn’t mean anything if there’s no ‘tration. To Danny’s dismay, Ray Ron also thanks him for convincing Tamra to stay with him. Morgan’s shocked and mad that Danny would do that to him.

When Mindy lets Peter know that Lee left his scarf at her apartment, Peter tells her that when guys do it, it’s just a mistake. It doesn’t mean he wants to see her again. Mindy pays no attention to this and decides to visit him at his work. When she confronts him about it, he confirms that it was actually only a mistake. Peter demands that Lee give her an apology for taking advantage of her heartbreak. As Peter continues to say how disgusting and low that is, he comes to the realization that he, himself, is a dick because he would do the exact same thing if given the chance. He doesn’t get a chance to dwell on this for too long though because they then realize that Lee is sporting a wedding ring and Mindy was essentially “the other woman.” Peter punches Lee’s beautiful, but deserving face.

Outside, Peter lets Mindy know that he needs to start thinking like a Mindy and not a Peter. It’s not bad to be a romantic, like Mindy, it just means she’ll have to date a few more pervs and randos until she finds the one. But we already know who the one is, right?

So, twice in the episode, Danny tries to get Mindy into his office to talk to her. The first time, she says she’s too busy and then goes to talk to Peter, and the second, when Danny asks Betsy where Mindy is, she lets him know that she went home early for the day. Now I know a lot of people are hating on Danny now and saying that he deserves this, and maybe he does, but he deserves this to show him that he and Mindy can’t be just friends anymore. He doesn’t deserve this out of spite, he just needs to realize that he needs Mindy so much in his life that it’s got to be through a romantic relationship, not just a friendship. Because of the lack of Mindy in his life, he calls up Sally to hang out with her.

This cuts to Peter asking Mindy if she actually pulls a Cinderella and leaves her earrings at a guy’s place. She objects and tells him no because that’d be crazy. The next shot is of Sally snuggling up to Danny in his bed, while Danny’s gazing sadly at the TV screen. The camera pans all the way down to the bottom of the bed to focus on Mindy’s diamond earrings on the floor. Wonder when Danny’s going to find them…

Memorable Moments

“I saw you bring a girl to tears because she asked if you were registered to vote.” “I’ve been asked that a million times and the answer is always the same. I don’t know!” – Peter and Mindy

Mindy’s impersonation of Peter.

“She has her legs crossed on her barstool. Who does that? If I tried to do that, I’d humpty-dumpty right off of here.” – Mindy

“My mother was insane so I’m kind of attracted to this. Not that I wanna sleep with my mother.” – Lee

“Of course you know how to read! You just have that fun Huckleberry Finn ‘I don’t know how to read’ energy!” – Danny to Morgan

“I just wanna dieye–” “What?” “–my hair blonde.” – Morgan and Danny

“A gentleman kisses then tells.” – Morgan

“But I really do think you’ll be rewarded for it. I mean not rewarded romantically, but like rewarded like, oh look there’s 2 bags in the vending machine!” – Peter