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Sansa Stark Sings Her Heart Out in Rap Song ‘Game of Moans’

Not like anyone needed a reminder, but Game of Thrones makes its return tonight. Ushering in the new season is Matt Edmondson and Sophie Turner’s self-proclaimed badly rapped song “Game of Moans.”

Not gonna lie, when I heard the title I thought it was gonna be a porn parody, but turns out the song’s more about moaning through life’s little grievances than moaning through… well, you know. (Besides, Hustler’s already got the parody market covered with This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX. You best click that link, by the way. The trailer is surprisingly safe for work, unsurprisingly hilarious, and their Daenerys is so spot on it’s insane.)

Check out the insanely catchy “Game of Moans” below, and tune in to HBO tonight for the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones!