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Continuum 3×04 “A Minute Changes Everything” Recap


Carlos isn’t sure he trusts the alternate timeline Kiera and current timeline Alec is sure he can’t trust Emily. The time traveling Kiera seemed more hardened but softened a bit in this episode learning that black and white might not be the only options.

The case Kiera and Carlos work on delves into police corruption in the Vancouver Police Department and it turns out a gun found in a shooting involving a LIBER8 rally was planted. Kiera and Carlos wrestle with this knowledge and are also shocked to learn Betty is involved with LIBER8.

Kiera’s smirk in catching Betty in her lies shows the dislike the two women truly have for each other. And Kiera was almost giddy when she told Betty they were going to use her as bait to lure in LIBER8 and put her under house arrest.

Kiera’s faith in her work in the police department, either in the present or her future, was further tested when the policeman who at first agreed to admit he planted the gun, recanted his testimony. There was also a flash forward of Kiera in her future when she refused to save some dignitaries in a fire, instead going after a young girl.

It gave hope that this Kiera, from the alternate timeline, will mesh back with the Kiera we knew. Carlos still wonders if he can trust her and there was an eerie scene where a drunk Carlos goes to visit the Kiera that is dead in a freezer they are storing her in.

Another interesting turn is the possibility that the Alec Kiera trusts, the one from the current timeline, might not be the one she should trust. This Alec is being seduced by the money and power he has inherited from his father’s company.

A nice turn was the close of the episode when current timeline Alec figured out there is another version of himself, thanks to video of that Alec arriving in the labs at Escher’s company, and seeking this Alec out. It is then the current timeline Alec seemed to turn a bit darker.

As time traveling Alec returned home he found Emily waiting for him, stating she has chosen him. How will the other Alec feel about that?