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Continuum 3×03 “Minute to Win It” Recap


The third episode of season three of Continuum continues to layer the complexity of alternate timelines and changing futures.

Kiera Cameron is still looking for the killer that murdered an earlier version of herself. Meanwhile, in the current timeline, Alec deals with a couple of revelations.

What are the revelations that rock Alec’s world? Alec learns Escher was his father and he inherited Escher’s company. He also finds out Emily worked for Escher to spy on him. Alec learning of Escher and inheriting his company were two things that didn’t originally occur in Kiera’s timeline so the changes continue.

LIBER8 is also still plotting their plots. This time Lucas, who escaped from prison, has fashioned a device to control people with an electronic device connected to their cerebral cortex. They use these people to rob banks, specifically safety deposit boxes, looking for items and information.

Carlos still struggling with the dueling Kieras and the murder of the one in the current timeline, begrudgingly accepts the time traveling Kiera as his partner. The duo begin working the case of the bank robberies convinced it is tied to LIBER8.

Meanwhile, Future Alec tells Emily he traveled back in time for her and she can’t tell the current Lucas.

As Kiera and Carlos track the bank robberies they find themselves in the middle of one. As LIBER8 controls their next victims, forcing them to rob the banks, Kiera and Carlos struggle to save them and foil the bank robbery.

They stop the robberies but not the robbery. As Kiera realizes there was another person involved she tracks them down and runs into Garza. After a struggle and fight, Garza escapes but doesn’t get away with the piece of technology that LIBER8 was interested in. The same piece of technology that interfered with Keira’s CMR.

So, Kiera is still dealing with keeping the timeline on track, Carlos is dealing with this version of Kiera, current Alex is trying to come to terms with Escher being his father and taking over his company as well as Emily’s betrayal and future Alex is just trying to keep Emily alive and get back on track.

I think the duality of Kieras relationship between current Alex and future Alex is interesting as she puts all her trust and faith in current Alex because he still has a chance at redemption. Plus, he didn’t betray her. I also find it interesting since the time travel and timeline changes, Kiera hasn’t dreamt or thought of her family in the future.