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Continuum 3×01 “Minute by Minute” Recap


Continuum returned for its third season and turned everything the audience knew and believed about the series on its ear. The linear goal of Kiera Cameron going home and saving present day from LIBER8, to preserve her future, branched off into a whole new storyline.

At the end of season two, Alec Sadler had betrayed Kiera. He denied her the chance to go home to her family by using the time traveler device for himself using it to save his girlfriend, Emily. Kiera wound up in a cell captured by a faction called The Freelancers.

As season three opens, Alec is in search of his Emily intent on saving her from her fate – she was shot and killed in the season two finale. Kiera is distraught, locked in a cell, and surrounded by other members of the terrorist cell LIBER8 and still stinging from Aleic’s betrayal.

Kiera always the solider attempts to escape and has an unusual ally in LIBER8 member Garza. As Garaz tries to distract the guards, as they are escaping, she is killed and Kiera is recaptured.

Kiera is taken to a woman named Catherine, the leader of The Freelancers, and she tells Kiera they are sort of time travel police officers. One hundred years after Kiera’s time travel is possible and they are trying to make sure people don’t go back in time and upset the balance of history.

Alec going back has created an alternate timeline, as there are two Alec Sadler’s in the same time line thus forming two different futures. As the timeline Kiera is currently in is collapsing, Catherine talks Kiera into returning to the timeline where the two Alec’s are.

She tells Kiera it is important to all their futures Kiera decides which Alec will direct the timeline that is correct. What will happen to the other Alec isn’t directly spoken out loud but the audience gets the idea, he must die.

Meanwhile, the Alec who went back in time is trying to find a way to save Emily and get out of town. He tries to stay out of sight the best he can and avoid his other self. He even warns the Kiera from the timeline he traveled to about the events that led up to Emily’s death and they squelch the threat.

When the time traveling Alec returns to his lab to collect his things, in preparation for leaving town, he finds Kiera dead – shot in the head. He is visible shaken as he now believes he just traded Emily’s life for Kiera’s. Alec is shocked even more when he turns and Kiera is standing before him – it is the Kiera that traveled back in time and they have work to do.

What will be interesting as the season progresses is again Kiera is a person out of her own time. This is a different timeline then when she left, and her interactions with everyone will again be a learning curve. Not to mention there are now two Alec’s and they have to find out who killed the Kiera from this timeline.

Continuum is an innovative and mind-twisting series and it is heightened by the spot on and solid performance by Rachel Nichols who plays Kiera Cameron. This series should be a timeline twisting wild ride.