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Castle 6×20 “That ’70’s Show” Preview


After a month long hiatus Castle returns to go back to the past.

As the first of the last four episodes of season six, the 20th episode of the season entitled “That 70’s Show” allows the Castle characters to have a bit of fun and play a little dress up.

This episode could have opened itself up to cheesy clichés or even followed the season four episode “The Blue Butterfly” by flashing back to the period, but this one had other plans.

Maybe it was because this was the first new episode in almost a month or maybe it was just that good but “That 70’s Show” episode was a refreshing Castle episode. It was full of fun, an intriguing case, and Kate Beckett giving Richard Castle infuriating glances.

In fact, Beckett’s shaking frustrating nods to Castle’s antics were a throw-back to earlier seasons. Only difference is she gets over it more quickly and goes home with him at night.

For those wondering how Captain Victoria Gates would even allow the 12th precinct to be transformed to the 70’s I’ll just say this – while the cat is away the mice will play.

Key scenes to look for:

  • Martha wants to be a part of the wedding – but maybe not handling the flower arrangements
  • How does Castle and Beckett handle breakfast duty? – Beckett makes the coffee
  • Kate Beckett is the ranking officer when Captain Gates is out of the office
  • Kate Beckett is not a fan of 70’s attire
  • Lanie Parrish once dressed as Pam Grier for Halloween
  • Javier Esposito learns it is not that easy to slide across the hood of a car
  • Alexis Castle likes halter tops from the 70’s
  • Kate Beckett just can’t seem to say no to Richard Castle
  • What is this? Captain Castle?

To close, those wondering about this episode and if they will like it, put your fears to rest, it was a fun, breezy groovy episode that you will want to watch again and again.

Can you dig it??