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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: “Alone”

In this week’s episode, The Walking Dead continues the familiar road-trip scene as two different groups face the trials of being alone.

Beth & Daryl: The dynamic duo of kind, warm-hearted Beth and the rugged, tough (but soft on the inside) Daryl continues as they both grow closer to each other. Beth takes some crossbow lessons from Daryl, but ends up injuring herself on an unseen trap, leading Daryl to pick her up and carry her around. Aww.

They find a house, where Beth asks Daryl what they should do if there are people in it. Daryl responds “I’ll take care of them”, but in her typical manner, Beth replies back that there are still good people in the world.  Daryl remains skeptical (for now).

Inside the home, they find a relatively uninhabited residence, although due to the lack of dust on household objects, they figure that there must have been people there not so long ago. They find, to their utmost delight, soda, peanut butter and jelly, and everything else that constitutes a “white-trash brunch”.

Towards nighttime, Beth treats the two of them to piano sing-alongs while Daryl smiles on. Later on, Daryl half-admits to Beth that perhaps there still are good people in the world, and insinuates that it was Beth and her character that led him to this conclusion. Just as we’re all about to die from the cuteness of this sibling-esque relationship (and please let it stay that way), they are suddenly bombarded by a walker attack from the front door. Though he is cornered, Daryl (unsurprisingly) fights them all off, but at a cost: Beth is seen to be kidnapped by mysterious people in a mysterious car. Daryl runs after the car, and keeps running, but to no avail.

He eventually collapses at a crossroads come daytime, only to be surrounded by the same gang of rednecks that almost cornered Rick a couple of episodes ago. Though it seems like Daryl could fit into their bike-gang aura, we all know that a peaceful relationship probably won’t be the case.

Maggie, Sasha, & Bob: The episode actually starts off with a flashback to Bob’s origin story, before he joined everyone at the prison. He seems to lack any substance at all, as he wanders alone, barely escaping the walkers and showing no fighting will. Fast-forward to present day, and we find Bob accompanied with Maggie and Sasha, not so alone anymore.

For the most part, the episode focuses on Bob and Sasha and allows us to look a bit closer into what they want for themselves and how they’d prefer to survive. For Sasha, she feels most comfortable holding up in the top floor of a town-building, staying isolated from the ground. Bob on the other hand prefers staying together above everything else. He very well knows the trauma and consequences of being alone in this apocalypse, and would rather make sure everyone stays together, even if the situation is hopeless.

As they continue walking along, the trio discovers the now familiar signs for Terminus. For Maggie and Bob, it gives them hope–especially for Maggie, who sees Terminus as a potential reunion setting for herself and Glenn. Sasha, on the other hand, sees no point in trudging along to this place that might not even appear as “safe” as it seems, and suggests that they instead stay put.

In the morning, Bob and Sasha receive a surprise as they find Maggie has left them, presumably to find Glenn on her own. Though Sasha objects to following Maggie’s tracks, Bob insists. He’s not about to have her be on her own.

Along the way, they find messages that Maggie has left for Glenn (telling him to go to Terminus), until they reach a small town. As a result of their conflict of interests, Sasha decides to stay in the town while Bob endeavors to find Maggie, but not before they share a kiss goodbye. Sasha goes up the building, hurt by the separation between her and Bob. To her surprise, she finds Maggie outside on ground level. Unfortunately, Sasha attracts unwanted walker attention to Maggie when she pushes out a window accidentally. She quickly rushes to her aid and together, the two of them fight out the walkers.

In a slightly confusing turn of events, they both make a complete 180 degree change in what they want for themselves: Maggie admits that she’d rather they all stay together than be alone, and Sasha agrees that it’d be best to all head to Terminus together (even though she knew she’d be sad if she separated paths from Bob and nevertheless decided to head out on her own). And Bob–even though he’s supposedly all about not leaving anyone alone, he still ended up departing from Sasha in order to find Maggie. It’s all rather confusing…but anyhow the two end up running after Bob (good on you Bob).

The episode concludes with Glenn staring at a Terminus sign, giving us some hope about a reunion in the near future.

Now I gotta say: i was a bit disappointed with how Beth’s storyline built up to her kidnapping. She seemed to be maturing into a simultaneously strong and soft female character, who could perhaps take care of herself. But alas, we find her to be a kidnapped damsel in distress, with Daryl running to save her (a familiar situation). On that note, who in the world kidnapped her? I’m at a total loss. It’s apparent that these kidnappers also set the walkers on Beth and Daryl in the house…but why?? Hopefully theres no extreme malicious intent in tainting Beth’s pure soul, but I really shouldn’t kid myself.

Apart from the character development (or lack thereof), I still enjoyed this episode. To be totally honest, the Sasha-Maggie-Bob storyline kinda lacked substance: it just looped around in a circle. Beth and Daryl’s story was more exciting and intriguing (a step up, in my opinion, from last week’s episode), so it definitely seems like we’re gonna keep seeing new and returning faces rather than experiencing some major plot twists. In other words, don’t expect to see Terminus before Season 5.

Rating: B