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Teen Wolf 3×22 “De-Void” Recap

Photo: MTV

Photo: MTV

Scott and Lydia join forces. Meanwhile, Stilinski faces a review board.

The episode opens with poor Papa Stilinski trying to reason with nogistune!Stiles to get him to give himself up. It’s clear that if there’s anything left of Stilinski’s son, it’s buried way deep, because his heartfelt pleas do nothing – Stiles is even capable of manipulating his father into pointing a gun at Papa Argent when the cavalry arrives. Argent is about an inch away from shooting when the Oni swoop in and attack, and Papa Argent, Derek, Allison, and Papa Stilinski are forced to protect the demon from the Oni in order to save Stiles.

By the time Kira and Scott roll up to the party, both the Oni and Stiles have completely disappeared.

Over in the basement of the mental asylum, Mama Yukimura is inspecting the mummified body buried in the walls. She’s quickly confronted by nogitsune!Stiles, who asks her why she called off her Oni. (She doesn’t answer him, so I’m still confused – exactly why did she do a thing like that again?) “What happened to the woman who called out for chaos, strife, and pain to descend upon everyone and everything?” he asks, before stealing Mama Yukimura’s final kitsune tail, stabbing it into his gut, and releasing a swarm of fireflies… one of which flutters its way into Isaac Lahey’s hospital room and squirms its buggy little ass into his body. Ew. So much ew.

Kira heads back to Scott’s place, where she’ll be staying over because she feels like she “doesn’t even know who her parents are anymore.” I mean, I kinda get why she’d feel betrayed, but on the other hand – come on, gurl. They were obviously lying to you to protect you. And when exactly should your mother have sat you down and given you the “soo I’m a 900 year old kitsune hahahaha” talk? Anyway, Kira and Scott promptly lie down to sleep. Without even showering, or brushing their teeth, or changing into their jim jams? The blasphemy!

Oh wait, there’s a reason for this. They don’t need to do all those things because MAKEOUT SESSION and CUDDLES and possibly offscreen sex.

Allison arrives home to find a possibly possessed Isaac lying in wait for her. She’s surprised to see him out of the hospital, but glad that he seems to be okay. And then SEX HAPPENS (presumably). In the morning, Isaac cuffs Allison to her bedframe, steals all her weapons, and heads off with a new mission to kill the twins, Ethan and Aiden. Worst morning after ever.

Back at his loft, poor sweet Derek is trying to be useful by figuring out the nogitsune’s plans using the chess board setup it left behind in Stiles’ room. Peter  (ugh go away) smarms his way over to offer some advice: the nogitsune isn’t going to be playing by typical human rules, and if it did, it certainly wouldn’t be playing chess. He also tells Derek to take care of his injuries before they get infected – which is a perfect segue into Derek getting infected by another of Stiles’ fireflies. No, that was not a euphemism.

While all of this crazy shit has been going on, Ethan has been trying out for the lacrosse team! Way to have your priorities in order, sweetie. Danny encourages Ethan to join the team next year, but Ethan is reluctant – at least until he, too, gets possessed by a firefly, at which point he’s all for joining up, and fuck what his brother Aiden thinks of it. And then Danny and Ethan have SHOWER SEX. (I’m sensing a pattern here.)

Aiden, meanwhile, is accompanying Lydia on a mini road trip to find Malia. When Lydia realizes that the GPS instructions that she’s been following are all in her head, she freaks out and pulls over into a parking lot where they find a passed out Stiles. While they’re gaping at Stiles’ body, a firefly squirms its way into Aiden’s ear. It doesn’t matter how many times I see them, I’m never going to get over how gross these sequences are.

Aiden and Lydia bring Stiles back to Scott’s house, where Mama McCall and Deaton have gathered (but Kira is suspiciously missing). Deaton inspects Stiles’ wound and announces that it seems to be healing – a good thing for Stiles, and a bad thing for just about everyone else. Deaton doses Stiles with kanima venom – look at that, Jackson, you’re so much more useful when you’re gone than when you were here! – and though it manages to paralyze Stiles’ body, it certainly doesn’t stop him from spouting poisonous words. When Stiles wakes up, he taunts Aiden about his brother, saying Ethan is in trouble at the school, and Aiden runs off to rescue him. Okay, I see where you’re going with this, nogitsune; the fireflies get their host bodies all fired up for a fight, and then unleashed on each other to create maximum chaos/strife/pain. Ingenious.

After that initial mini-boss battle, Papa Stilinski ends up being out of commission for the rest of the fights on account of his “Are You Still Fit To Be Sheriff” trial. In a surprise twist, Agent McCall ends up saving Stilinski’s job. In thanks, Stilinski offers McCall some advice: tell Scott the “real reason” why he left. Wait, the real reason?!

A little more is revealed during a conversation between Mama McCall and the nogistune; whatever the reason for Scott’s father leaving is, Melissa thinks it’s her fault, and she’s afraid that if Scott found out he’d hate her forever. But dude, Scott doesn’t have a single hating bone in his body! He’s basically an adorable ray of sunshine puppy with big floppy ears!

Back at the school, it’s a three-way fight between Ethan, Aiden, and Isaac, one that Isaac wins easily by sucker-stun-gunning the twins. Isaac intends to burn the whole school down along with them as revenge for killing Boyd and Erica, but queens Allison and Kira (oh, so that’s where she’s been!) get there in time to stop his Molotov Cocktail. They’re not enough to stop Isaac and the newly awakened twins from wolfing out and attacking each other again, though.

A similarly possessed Derek heads to the Argent household, where he attacks Papa Argent, ties him to a chair, and threatens to burn him alive the way Kate Argent burned the Hale family. When asking nicely doesn’t work, Hunky Hot Dad Argent breaks his way out of the chair, grabs a gun, and asks again.

Back at Scott’s, an official plan of action is drawn up to get the nogitsune out of Stiles. Because of the cryptic “change the body” message Deaton translated, they think they need to turn Stiles into a werewolf. Lydia nominates Peter to do the honors since he has more experience (and Derek has gone AWOL), but Peter has another idea – he wants Scott to use his alpha claws to “get inside pale and sickly Evil Stiles’ mind to unearth pale and sickly Real Stiles.” Unfortunately for the back of Lydia’s neck, this is a two person job.

Scott does the claw procedure, but when he and Lydia wake up in Stiles’ mind, they’re strapped to beds in a mental asylum. With some effort, Scott is able to break free and release Lydia, but they’re separated almost immediately and start hallucinating – Lydia, back at the school dance where Peter almost killed her, and Scott, back in the closet where he and Allison almost kissed again after they broke up. Once they snap out of their hallucinations, they find Stiles and the nogitsune sitting across from each other and playing a game of Go.

Lydia realizes that since Stiles is a part of Scott’s pack, he should be able to get to Stiles by howling to him. Stiles is successfully jolted out of his trance, sees Scott and Lydia standing there, and destroys the nogitsune’s game, thus its control over him. Aiden, Ethan, Isaac, and Derek snap out of their berserker attack modes and pass out.

Back in real life, Stiles vomits up the nogitsune’s black bandages. The pile of cloth starts moving, and the nogitsune claws itself out and towards the fearful group. Peter (who now knows the identity of his daughter, having weaseled the information out of Lydia in exchange for his help) and Scott push the creature down, and Scott peels back the bandages covering the nogitsune’s face to reveal… the real Stiles?! But then who was that dude puking up the bandages? And where is Lydia – ohhh. Oh, man. Y’all are so screwed.

Rating: B

Memorable Quotes

Stiles: Chaos has come again.

Derek: It’s from one of [the Oni’s] swords. It’ll heal.
Peter: By playing chess?

Peter: If a kitsune is an annoying pain in the ass, then a nogitsune, which is a dark kitsune, is a freakin’ disaster. Besides, chess is Stiles’ game. It’s not the game of a Japanese fox.

Aiden: Well if we aren’t going to kill him, why aren’t we tying him down with really big chains?

Stiles: Haha! I hope he gets there in time. I like the twins. Short tempers, homicidal compulsions. They’re a lot more fun than you bakemono trying to save the world every day.
Mama McCall: Doc, you brought something to paralyze his body. You got anything for his mouth?

Woman: We want to review both your successes and your failures.
Papa Stilinski: [eyes the super tall stack of files versus the super short one] Which pile is which?
Stilinski: I’m sorry I asked.

Agent McCall: I have a few words of my own.
Stilinski: Fantastic.

Isaac: I guess this is the part where I say something witty. [hits twins with butt of his gun] I’m not witty.

Scott: What if this is another trick?
Peter: When are you people going to start trusting me?
Scott: I meant him.
Peter: Ohh.

Agent McCall: This place is literally the Bermuda Triangle of homicides, disappearances, and strange occurences.

Lydia: Do I actually have to remind you that you’re a werewolf?

Allison: Remember, try not to kill them.
Kira: I was just going to try to stay alive.
Allison: That works too.