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Parks and Recreation 6×16 “New Slogan” Recap

Pawnee citizens use technology this week, while Tom looks for a restaurant location and Andy finds out the truth about the elusive Duke Silver.

Now that Eagleton has merged with Pawnee (and by extension, extended Pawnee’s land), the town needs a new slogan. Ben comissions a new website where the public can vote for the one they’d like the most, and, also, you know, see a cute panda called Pookie that the web-designer made.

(My personal favourite? You Paw-Need to visit us)

Naturally, that last option- “submit your own slogan”- causes trouble, the majority of the town voting for “Leslie Knope has a stick up her butt” after she goes on Ira and the Douche’s radio show to promote the idea. But the thing is that Leslie doesn’t go because this is an important event that needs the promotion- as Ben says, this is an easy job, the website doing all the work for them. Leslie does it because she’s having trouble with the idea of letting go- something she’ll need to do if she takes the new job that’s being offered to her with the National Parks Service. Pawnee’s a small town, and Leslie’s job has included a lot of small-scale things that she takes on with an enthusiam that most people would reserve for something bigger. So she’s doubtful that she could or would even want to let go of that kind of career, for the sake of moving up the ranks into a more managerial position. More power, but more delegation, too. And while Leslie’s panicking about change, so is April. Tom gets her and Donna to help him evaluate locations for his restaurant, revealing that if it turns out to be a hit, Tom plans on leaving the department and working away from city hall full time. Something that really, he already did with e720, but April’s presumably more in touch with her feelings this time around, after all of that practice with Ann and Chris’s goodbyes.

Tom gets April a thank-you gift… of sorts

She then proceeds to discourage Tom from buying any of the properties Donna has up for rent (…Or not all of them, as it turns out), while Leslie personally emails every single person who voted for Ira and the Douche’s slogans- a gross invasion of privacy that leads to Ben recieving over three-hundred complaints. And it’s not just them making selfish decisions, Andy accidently attending a Duke Silver concert while trying to find performers for the Eagleton-Pawnee concert, and telling Ron that he would be perfect for the gig, not taking no for an answer. Even though Ron would rather give Duke’s identity up, than having to admit to owning it.

No, Andy, Duke isn’t Ron’s identical twin brother.

In the end, though, everyone makes the right decision. April and Donna help Tom find the right location, and Andy promises to keep Ron’s secret, apologizing with a list of his own. Ron really didn’t need to hear about them, but I really, truly did. And Leslie, although it pains her, takes Ben’s advice and appoints Larry/Gary/Jerry to lead the forum for the town slogan change, everything working out for the best in the end- “When you’re here, then you’re home- after, of course, Leslie does a quick spell check. Pawnee’s new welcome sign accidently gets put up at the exit to Pawnee, but that’s the kind of failure that we’re used to seeing in Parks and Rec, and is presumeably the sort that Leslie could leave behind for at least a little while, the possibility of her departure- however permanent that may be- looking likelier and likelier.

“What’s up lil mayor! You gonna freak out again?”


Memorable Quotes

  • “Leslie, I told you. I’m not going to participate in your weird, Julia Roberts, husband camera-man fantasy.” “Quiet, cameraman.”
  • “Goodbye Duke Silver. May you rest in Jazz.”
  • Andy Dwyer, folks: “Your secret is safe with me. And to even it out, I’m going to tell you all of my secrets. I once forgot to brush my teeth for five weeks. I didn’t actually sell my last car, I just forgot where I parked it. I don’t know who Al Gore is, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask. When they say ‘two percent milk’ I don’t know what the other ninety-eight is. When I was a baby my head was so big, scientists did experiments on me. I once threw a beer at a swan, and then it attacked my niece Rebecca.”