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‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’ Episode 12 Recap: “To Catch a Thief”

With two episodes left in the series, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland is looking to close out its storylines. To recap:

  • The Red Queen is dead – killed by Jafar
  • The Knave has his heart back and is mourning the death of the Red Queen aka Anastasia
  • Alice and Cyrus are searching for his mother, whom he thought was dead
  • Jafar is looking for his serpent staff, as during a fight with Cyrus the staff came to Cyrus

Jafar tells The Knave he can bring The Red Queen back to life if he can bend the laws of magic, but to do that he needs the serpent staff back from Cyrus. He frees The Knave and tells him to steal it back.

Since fans always get a bit of back-story during the episode, we see how The Knave met Alice. The Knave was sent by The Red Queen to kill Alice – since whoever holds his heart commands him.

This is how Alice gets The Knave’s heart back, as alluded to earlier in the season. She does so first and foremost so he won’t keep trying to kill her, then she keeps it at first so The Knave will help her. Then Alice feels bad for controlling him and gives it back to him. He still agrees to help her find something from Wonderland to prove to her father that it exists.

The Knave finds Alice and Cyrus and Alice is happy they are reunited. However, it is soon revealed that The Knave is there to still the serpent staff. He does steal it knocking Cyrus out.

Cyrus and Alice go in search of The Knave using the compass that can find anything. When Alice catches up with The Knave he accuses her of only thinking her love story is important. When Alice slips and falls off a cliff into a river, The Knave dives in to save them.

When Alice, Cyrus and The Knave are back together they try to devise a plan to thwart Jafar and save The Red Queen. They run into the Jabberwocky who admits her allegiance to Jafar has cooled and agrees to help them as she is looking to get back the sword Jafar has that controls her. She also admits the serpent staff Cyrus has holds the key.

The plan is put in place as The Knave allows himself to be captured as Alice and Cyrus get themselves in place.

What was the plan – to bring Amara, who is Cyrus’ mother and Jafar’s former mentor, back to life and do battle with Jafar. During this time Cyrus would get back his brothers that are in the other two Genie bottles and Alice would rescue the old man in the dungeon – who is Jafar’s father.

But of course things have a way of going wrong in even the most solid plans. Jafar realizes Amara didn’t want the Genie bottles to bend the laws of magic she wanted what was inside –her sons. As  a mirror is shattered and she and Jafar suspend the glass shards Jafar disperse the shattered glass and a piece hurls itself into Cyrus’ chest – who was trying to get the Genie bottles as Amara distracted Jafar.

Cyrus dies and Alice feels his death. She runs to him as Jafar tells Amara the only way to bring Cyrus back is to finish the spell to bend the laws of magic. She agrees.

This episode sets up the series finale that will reveal if Alice gets her happily ever after.