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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1×10 “Dirty Little Secrets” Recap


Everyone has a secret or two, and plenty were revealed in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Most notably, fans get the back-story of Cyrus and his brothers and how they were cursed to be Genies.

It all stemmed from good intentions as some questionable deeds led to their mother being badly burnt. She was dying and Cyrus, wracked with guilt, was looking for a way to save her. He finds a wishing well whose water could save his mother.

When he and his brothers arrive, a girl (who looks like a reject from The Ring) refused them, saying their mother’s fate was already sealed. Cyrus did not take no for an answer and stole the water. The price for making his mother well and stealing the water was, he and his brothers serving the needs of others.

Cyrus tells this all to Alice and you can tell he doesn’t want her to judge him, but of course she doesn’t –she is in love with him. Boring, boring, boring, let’s move on.

Jafar is using the help of the Jabberwocky to do his bidding and find The Red Queen and Will, who as we know is now cursed and is the Genie. He already has Cyrus’ two brothers and just needs the third Genie – Will. Only problem is that now The Red Queen has three wishes to burn through before Jafar can get Will.

Before getting to the two big reveals of the night we go to the Jabberwocky kidnapping The Red Queen and Will. She tortures The Red Queen until she uses the wishes and Will is sent back into the bottle and in the hands of Jafar.

Now to the big reveals….. Cyrus’ mother is Amara – the sorceress who trained Jafar. Oh, and The Red Queen is one of Cinderella’s step-sisters.

As for the curse that still surrounds Cyrus’ brothers? After visiting the wishing well again Cyrus finds out he must return the water he stole – meaning bringing his mother to the well – since the water was used on her burns. He is perplexed, because he thinks his mother is dead. Not so, the woman in the well states, she is alive.

Well, kind of alive – she’s transformed into Jafar’s snake staff.