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Kylie Minogue, ‘Kiss Me Once’ Album Review

Kylie is a legend in pop music, an entity that manages to be popular and iconic to the day, whilst still keeping a sense of youthful vigour and on-point sense of what modern pop music is and needs to be. Fresh off her stint coaching talented hopefuls on the UK’s version of The Voice, Kylie found time to record her twelfth album Kiss Me Once (complete with Snow White-esque album cover imagery), but has the Australian queen of pop still able to retain her crown?

With sublime lead single ‘Into the Blue’ kicking things off with a soaring, effervescent vibe, the rest of the tracks flit squarely between desire and romance, establishing this as a positively-aimed, sexy Kylie EP, with songs such as the sultry, dubstep-infused standout ‘Sexercize’ which is possibly the steamiest song Kylie’s ever put her name to, and the disco-encrusted disco-pop gem that is ‘Sexy Love’ which carries with it a message of self-empowerment and embracing your sexiness no matter what.

Even further through the album, there’s nothing but love and the matters of the heart on offer as Kylie flits from joyous true love in the racing ‘Million Miles’ to desperation and desolation in the dramatic electronic ballad ‘If Only’; fortunately every song is solidly produced, ensuring that every song is potentially aimed at getting our bodies moving and shaking towards the dancefloor, particularly in the cases of the thumping electro-pop jam ‘Les Sex’ and the Pharrell Williams-written ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ which evoke modern-day pop and fun 70s disco at their finest respectively.

Her duet with Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias manages to avoid the cliches of filler track and despite the heavy vocoder use for both singers, ‘Beautiful’ is a gorgeous ode to love that evokes Imogen Heap’s ‘Hide and Seek’ with it’s mesmerising laidback vibe; equally, the Sia Furler-written title track evokes a blissful ode about true love conquering all that is set to be the soundtrack to couples’ proposals the world over.

In fact, the only songs not to explicitly deal with romance bookend the standard edition of the album – ‘Into the Blue’ is a big, joyous introduction to the album as well as Kylie’s new phase in life, and album closer ‘Fine’ is a perfect paragon of Kylie’s self-affirmations, literally telling the listener that ‘you’re gonna be fine’ which makes it both a genuinely pleasant tune, and a sweet way to end a record defined by its positivity.

Kiss Me Once is a solid, gorgeous piece of Kylie discography that makes her transition from Aphrodite both seamless and effortlessly enjoyable. Kylie Minogue has been in the music business for a good number of years now, and yet somehow she has not only endured, but thrived, maintaining a positive attitude, an elegant air and a consistently strong, classic sense of proper pop music. Kiss Me Once isn’t just another facet to the Australian starlet – it’s a reinvention and, more importantly, a celebration, one that pop fans should rejoice in.