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Denise Gideon’s Film Review: “The Veronica Mars Movie” is a Love Letter to Fans

I was one of the first fans to jump on and become a backer of The Veronica Mars Movie KickStarter campaign. Like many others, I felt like the show had so many more stories to tell, and with the movie, what a story it told.

Rob Thomas showed he is a creator still completely enamored with his characters, but also knows how to please his fan base.

I fell out of love with the character of Veronica Mars, played by Kristen Bell, in season three – she was too harsh, too damaged and kind of holier than thou.

I fell back in love with Veronica Mars in The Veronica Mars Movie. There was MY Veronica, quick-witted, righter of wrongs, still despising Dick’s antics, and still completely in love with Logan Echolls.

I really thought the addition of the season three character, Piz, was a waste of screen time in the movie. It was like Rob Thomas brought him back on principal, but after seeing the film, I understand why. In some strange alternate universe, maybe dating all the way back to before Veronica’s best friend Lily Kane was murdered, she could have found happiness with a man like Piz. The jaded, adrenaline junky, or as Wallace says “drama magnet, could never be happy with a vanilla wafer like Piz – nice to have as a snack sometimes but you are always looking to jazz it up either with peanut butter or a garnish for banana pudding.”

Logan Echolls is no vanilla wafer. In fact, he is the reason Veronica walks away from a high-powered law firm in New York. Unlike the failed re-boot of the series, as cancellation was looming, where Veronica joins the FBI, she instead goes to law school. There is a funny moment with former Deputy Leo where he says he thought she heard she was in the FBI – nice touch Rob Thomas.

And there are hidden Easter eggs all over the series, from inside jokes for fans, to special appearances. Look for Kristen Bell’s husband Dax Shepard to make Veronica Mars gag, when he tries to get her to dance in a club.

So, why did Veronica walk away from a fancy New York job? Logan of course, as he is charged with murdering his former girlfriend Bonnie DeVille, who used to be Carrie Bishop, a girl Veronica and Logan went to high school with. DeVille was a pop star diva who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, and in a change of fates, it was Logan trying to help her.

Talk about change of fates? The audience first sees Logan when he picks Veronica up at the airport, when she arrives in Neptune to help him, and he is breathtaking. No, literally, breathtaking in Navy whites – Logan has cleaned up his act and flies jets for the Navy. Bad boy makes good.

But once a bad boy always a bad boy, right? It is easy to pin the murder on Logan when Bonnie is found electrocuted in her bathtub and Logan is unconscious beside her.

Here is the main thing to remember, Veronica Mars never walks away from injustice, but more importantly, she can never truly walk away from Logan – even if she hasn’t laid eyes on him for over nine years.

There are plenty of cast members fans know showing up – Veronica’s dad Keith, Wallace, Mac, Weevil, Gia Goodman and some characters who showed up in an episode or too. A nice way to jog your memory if you forgot to do the big re-watch.

There are also some shocking moments that had me gasping. Too many to talk about because this is truly a film you don’t want to be spoiled about.

What do you need to know? Veronica Mars is back, baby. Keith Mars still asks his daughter who’s your daddy, Veronica can still get Wallace and Mac to do her favors, Dick is, well, still a dick. The more things change, the more they stay the same, and Logan and Veronica’s love story is as epic as ever.

If you are a fan of the Veronica Mars series this movie is a must see – Rob Thomas loves his fans and he just penned the biggest and most heartfelt love letter I have ever seen.

Oh, and I dare you not to jump up from the theater seat, or you couch if you are viewing from home, and scream thank you Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and everyone involved with the move. It is just that damn good.

five stars


  • Starring: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Krysten Ritter
  • Directed by: Rob Thomas
  • Running Time: 107 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy