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Castle 6×18 “The Way of the Ninja” Recap


A Castle episode with Richard Castle and Kate Beckett talking about Beckett meeting an old high school friend and keeping their upcoming marriage fresh, Beckett using the word Hoo-Ha, along with Beckett wearing her engagement ring and Ninja assassins have to be a great episode right? And it was.

In an episode that could have been bogged down with Ninja lore, splitting up Castle and Beckett so Castle had boy bonding time with Ryan and Esposito at a Geisha house and fabricating ways to keep Castle and Beckett apart didn’t happen. And I applaud the Castle writers for finally listening to the fan base about trap episodes like this.

What is a trap episode? The abyss of an episode that is mostly a filler episode, around 18 or 19th of the season, a placeholder before the final episodes lead to the major arch to end the season. This did not happen in the episode 6×18 “The Way of the Ninja.”

There was an intriguing case as a Japanese ballerina is found death with an apparent knife wound through the heart as the cause of death. The above mentioned entrance of Ninjas, Castle finding out what happens he promises to call Beckett at a certain time and doesn’t and how no one believes him, until the end that a Ninja stole the evidence is a classic Castle.

Just some amazing Beckett and Castle scenes together in general, and who says the writers don’t read fan comments and tweets. Kate Beckett’s engagement ring has not made an appearance since “Number One Fan,” all the way back in the fall, However it was in this episode twice.

The first time in the episode was on Beckett’s necklace, seen prominently as she is getting ready for work hanging next to her mother’s ring. The next was later in the episode after Beckett confronts Castle about kissing a Geisha while undercover at a Geisha house. She was trying to get away early from the dinner with her old friend; the same old high school friend that loved to talk about her amazing life, which is a perfect time for Beckett to wear her engagement ring from her millionaire best-selling author boyfriend.  Castle didn’t make the call to her he promised and it was a nice scene in the loft between expectations between the two.

The Castle and Beckett scenes were short but telling including Beckett worrying when she and Castle marry they will become a boring couple. At the end of the episode after both she and Castle have been attacked by a Ninja Castle mumbles not boring and says it again at the end of the episode. Does anyone feel like the “not boring” comment might be a new running thing?

Overall a fun and intriguing case, some great Ryan and Esposito scenes and Pulmutter is back. I know everyone loves Lanie but I adore how Pulmutter goes after Castle. It is a way better antagonistic relationship.

But the best line of the episode is when Beckett is talking to the sister of the murder victim. She is set to end the life of the man that killed her sister, her whole family, and Beckett reasons with her.

I know. I’ve been there. You want blood for blood. But it’s not worth it. Just let him live with who he really is.

It a statement from Beckett I have been waiting to hear. This episode directly follows Beckett’s ordeal from “The Belly of the Beast.” After her life was saved by Senator Bracken and Beckett now knows they are even – the gloves are off when and if they meet again. I loved Beckett telling the woman this and I truly believe she was speaking not only to the woman but to herself. Sometimes the price of justice is too high as it takes its toll on your soul and the ones you love.

Not a popular opinion but I would love Beckett to just walk away from this Bracken business. That he tries to back her into a corner, hoping she will react and strike so he can end her and she tells him she has a life to lead and that is how she will honor her mother.

For now, back to this week’s episode and some fun highlights:

Castle is the only one who sees the Ninja for most of the episode and no one believes him

Beckett getting ready for work with Castle watching her

Castle worrying when Ryan and Esposito tell him he has lipstick on his collar from their undercover assignment at the Geisha house

Castle’s phone being destroyed by a Ninja star – how may has he lost now?

Beckett getting mad at Castle for not calling her to get her out of her dinner with her high school friend

Also, Castle realizing it wasn’t about him not calling – it was Beckett seeing her exciting friend turn boring after she was married and Beckett fearing the same thing would happen to her and Castle

Castle trying to expense the $6,000 he spent a the Geisha house

Castle pulling the Ninja star from the face of his phone and it flying and hitting Captain Gates