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Teen Wolf 3×17 “Silverfinger” Recap


Scott’s friends pledge to protect him against an increasingly hostile enemy while Argent, Isaac and Allison search for answers through an old adversary from the Japanese Yakuza.

At the same time, Stiles enlists Melissa’s help in figuring out exactly what’s going on with him.

Is that a James Bond reference I spy, Teen Wolf? If so, excellent job, if not, never mind forget I said anything. Let’s jump into the top ten moments recap of this week’s episode!

1. Hot Dad Argent is alive, thank Based God

And thank Based God again for letting the episode open with that info right off the bat, instead of making us wait anxiously.

Allison tends to Papa Argent’s wounds as he updates her, Scott, and Isaac on exactly what the firefly demon creatures are. He tells them the story of the first time he saw them, back when he was a wee baby 18-year-old: his father Gerard had sent him on his first gun deal with the Yakuza boss, and the creatures had materialized and slaughtered almost everyone except for him and a few others. Apparently the creatures only come out at night, attacking anything connected to the supernatural. And the kumichō had been a supernatural thing – but what kind, no one knows.

Papa Argent had spent the previous episode trying to track down one of the Yakuza members, Katashi – nicknamed Silverfinger because of his prosthetic  – intending to show him the shattered pieces of the creature’s mask to convince Katashi to tell them what the hell is going on.

(Side note: young Chris Argent might be even cuter than his adult self. The kumichō was also very handsome, until he grew gross teeth and started bleeding from the mouth. You can see that I have all my priorities firmly in order.)

2. Kira, you beautiful tropical fish

Kira finds out she’s not alone in her supernatural weirdness. Instead of being terrified that most of her new friends turn into furry eye-color-changing monsters with sharp teeth and claws, she asks Scott to show her his teeth again, and Scott complies as Active Child and Ellie Goulding’s “Silhouette” plays in the background. DID I TELL YOU GUYS I SHIP IT YET?

3. Scott McCall vs. The World

The Asshole Twins stalk Scott to school on their motorcycles (wait a minute, if Scott was already headed to school why did he drop Kira off at home instead of just taking her with him?! How inconsiderate, Scott, I no longer ship you two) because they still really want to be in Scott’s pack. They tell him they’re going to be his bodyguards whether he wants them to or not, because Scott’s totally next on the demonic creatures’ shitlist. That’s actually kind of sweet of them?

Later, Scott has an epiphany; what if the demons aren’t actually coming for him at all? What if they’re after Kira? After all, she was standing just behind him when the creatures turned around. After school’s out, Scott ditches the bodyguards (Kira, who’s turning out to be a right little delinquent, tampered with Aiden and Ethan’s bikes) and speeds away with his new girlfriend supernatural buddy. They hole up in Scott’s house, preparing to fight off the demons for the night.

4. Stiles Stilinski vs. Himself?

Stiles updates Scott on the what-the-fuckery that happened last night – namely, that Stiles had the keys to the chemistry room and wrote the message for Barrows to kill Kira on the chalkboard, and I am still not over the fact that we’re actually getting dark!Stiles – but all the proof has gone missing overnight. Undeterred, Stiles claims that the bomb Barrows had made was suspiciously similar in execution to the Mischief Night prank he and Scott played on Coach… but his best friend isn’t exactly buying it. “I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to tell you that you’re wrong, but I don’t think you’re trying to kill people either,” Scott reasons. He convinces Stiles to take a sick day and go home to rest.

Instead, Stiles goes to the hospital to get help from the ever flawless Mama McCall. She listens to his symptoms and concerns, then gives him a sedative and gently orders him to sleep. As she’s about to leave, Stiles whispers, “Thanks mom.” Did you hear that? That was the sound of a million hearts breaking all at the same time.

5. “Katashi screens his calls so we’re going to have to bring him deadly gifts”

Meanwhile, Papa Argent outlines the gameplan to Isaac and Allison, who seem to also be taking sick days to deal with this supernatural bizniz. Because Katashi is a paranoid recluse, the only way to draw him out is to put antique weapons up for sale and then wait nearby with a big box to trap him in.

However, also because Katashi is a paranoid recluse, he refuses to meet with them in person, so Papa Argent moves to Plan B, which is basically an excuse to put Isaac in a suit but you won’t hear me complaining. You will, however, hear Isaac complaining, because he’s convinced he’s going to get his head blown off. Allison makes out with Isaac so he’ll get with the program, and he walks into the gun deal with confidence bleeding from his pores.

6. Nobody likes Agent McCall

I admit, this dude’s gotten a teensy bit more interesting to me since Stiles revealed that whole “I know your ~secret” thing. He’s still a major asshole, though, because he still plans to “put Stilinski so far out of government work he won’t be able to get a job right out of the back of a garbage truck.” Ugh, you dick.

Agent McCall goes into his office and opens his laptop to find a security warning flashing on the screen. His computer took a picture of unauthorized users Scott and Kira while they were charging the phone last episode. This is not good. Not good at all.

7. Mama McCall to the rescue, Agent McCall cockblocks

After that heartbreaking moment with Stiles, Mama McCall does a little investigating into Claudia Stilinski’s medical files, noticing that all the symptoms that Stiles possesses – insomnia, irritability, hallucinations, inability to distinguish fantasy from reality etc. – are the same ones that his mother had before she died.

Agent McCall, on the other hand, arrives at Scott’s house at the exact wrong moment, interrupting a kiss between Scott and Kira (who have finally figured out what Kira is thanks to a mythology book: she’s a kitsune, and the fire surrounding her is foxfire). Agent McCall angrily asks what they were doing in his office… right as the sun goes down. Dude’s so screwed.

8. Silverfinger tells everyone they’re Superfucked

Isaac’s deal with Katashi’s men goes sour when they figure out he’s not who he says he is, but that’s alright because Papa Argent has moved in on Katashi’s location. Queen Allison disarms Katashi easily, and Papa Argent forces him to listen to what he has to say by showing him the mask pieces.

Katashi tells Papa Argent that the creatures are Oni, unstoppable demons. No man-made weapon they know of can kill the creatures, only the sun. Katashi explains further that the marks on Isaac and everyone else’s necks are kanji for “self,” a sign that these people are still themselves. The Oni are only looking for a supernatural person who is “no longer themselves, possessed by a fox-spirit.” Noo, not Kira! (Almost) anyone but Kira!

Katashi thanks Argent for saving his life and his honor all those years ago, then warns him, very ominously, that “if there is a Void Kitsune among you, let the Oni destroy it. Even if it is your own daughter.” Oh for goodness sake. Let me revise my statement: Noo, not Allison!

9. And here we have a fight scene, miraculously sans dubstep

Agent McCall is stabbed through the chest by a materializing demon. Scott drags his father’s body away as more creatures start appearing out of the darkness – and then it’s Derek and the Omega Twins to the rescue, helping Scott fight the monsters off, pushing them outside as Mama McCall completes the mountain ash circle around the house.

The group barely has time to relax, because Agent McCall is bleeding out and there’s no way to get him help while everyone’s hiding from the Oni. On the other side of the room, Derek (surprisingly) schools a curious Aiden and Ethan on Kira’s kitsune status. Overlapping exposition between Derek and Katashi tells us there’s thirteen kinds of kitsune, and one of them is a dark kitsune, a Void that draws its power from “pain and tragedy, strife and chaos.” Kira worries that she’s the Void Kitsune they’re after.

10. Welp I guess the fight’s not over

The Oni test the mountain ash barrier for weaknesses. When they find one, they push at it until they’re able to break through, one body part at a time. Allison tells Scott over the phone that they’re looking for a dark kitsune, and not to fight them while they search for it. This leads to Scott trusting his instincts like the True Alpha that he is, and ordering his pack to stand down. He and Kira hold hands, facing the Oni as the creatures scan them both… and find them to be themselves. Fantastic, yay Kira’s going to survive. Now I’m just hella worried for Allison.

Back at the hospital, Stiles wakes from his sleep looking for Mama McCall. He wanders to an empty part of the hospital and is instantly surrounded by the Oni. As they prepare to scan him, Stiles grabs an Oni by the arm, stops it from touching him, and then rips its demon firefly heart out, killing it and the rest of the Oni who cornered him. Oh my god, Stiles, what ARE you?!


Memorable Quotes

Aiden: This is about you being the target of demonic ninjas.
Ethan: You mean the demonic ninjas that pulled swords out of their chest and completely kicked our asses?
Aiden: Yeah! Those demonic ninjas!
Ethan: […] Since this is our first experience with demonic ninjas, I’m thinking we should play it safe.

Agent McCall: Okay, I’m going in now… trying to avoid the hostile stares of everyone in here.

Isaac: I look like I just stepped out of the – the last period of a Catholic prep school, and there is no way I’m going to remember all of this, I mean what does this even mean, “revolving over and under barrels”? I am sweating all the way through my jacket, I didn’t even know I could sweat this much.

Allison: You’re not a boy if you walk in there acting like a man, okay? Go in there with confidence, and all they’ll see is a boyish looking man.

Kira: You had a vet put in your alarm?!

Katashi: Taking out my security is not what I would call a good conversation starter.

Agent McCall: I don’t need a warrant, I’m your father.
Scott: No, you’re a gene donor. I got my hair color from you, and that’s all I got, so you’re not allowed to play Tough Dad with me. [You go, Scott! Four for you!]

Katashi: The Oni are a force of nature. You don’t fight a tsunami, you endure it, and hope that you are not destroyed in its path.

Kira: How do you know I’m not the bad guy?
Scott: I’ve seen the bad guys, and you’re not one of them.