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Teaser Trailer: Horror Anthology ‘Fear Paris’ Features Killer Mimes

Remember that cute short film in Paris je t’aime involving mimes falling in love in prison? Well, this teaser trailer for upcoming horror anthology Fear Paris is like the alternate ending to that short, where those mimes eventually became disillusioned with life and joined a supernatural mime organization that uses their mime powers to brutally murder people with invisible weapons.

So, like, way awesomer.

There’s even a surprise twist at the end of the three minute clip, that had me gasping in awe and cringing in disgust at the same time, which might be a first for me. It’s usually just one or the other.

A series of interconnected stories explore the dark underbelly of the city of lights.

Similar to Paris je t’aime‘s anthology format, the Joe Dante, Xavier Gens and Timo Vuorensola directed film will feature multiple interconnected shorts set in a horrifying, fantastical vision of Paris. Both casting and filming are still in the works, but if the rest of the film is anything like this unnerving yet gorgeously shot trailer, this will definitely be something to watch out for.