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Castle 6×16 “Room 147” Recap


The episode “Room 147” is the solo writing credit for Adam Frost and he continued the tradition of solid Castle episodes to start 2014.

A complicated case with plenty of twists and turns that even had Richard Castle theory-less, it strung together a solid episode with a nice balance between the case and interpersonal relationships.

For the third straight episode, the “B” story has focused on the progression of Castle and Kate Beckett as an engaged couple. From Beckett finding a dress and lamenting her mother’s absence, to Castle and Beckett sharing high school stories and finally the scene fans have been longing for – a true heartfelt talk between Beckett and Alexis Castle.

After spending the first half of the season dragging out Alexis’ thirst for independence and moving in with then boyfriend Pi, now Alexis is trying to prove she can live with her decisions and it is stretching her thin. Castle, who has and will always do anything for his daughter, keeps telling her to move back home. When Castle tells Beckett he just knows there is a specific reason Alexis won’t move home the look on Beckett’s face tells the audience she fears she might be the reason.

In previous seasons this would have turned into a huge deal. Beckett thinking she is the reason Alexis isn’t moving home, holding onto her fears and maybe even suggesting she should give Castle some space with Alexis and move out of the loft. But, this is Castle and Beckett engaged, this is Beckett with growth – feeling solid in her relationship – a Kate Beckett who is a part of the Castle family.

So, it was as if the Castle writers were plucking fan suggestions out of a suggestion box when Beckett arranged to meet Alexis and talk. Beckett wasn’t a woman trying to step into the role of a mother for Alexis, she was a woman who had been in the younger woman’s shoes and offered solid advice to Alexis. It was a nice touch to have Beckett state she doesn’t get in between Castle and Alexis, when it comes to father and daughter things, she was just hoping Alexis wasn’t moving in because of her. It felt like a nice segway into move Beckett and Alexis’ scenes.

As for the case, a man is murdered in room 147 of a hotel and three different people come forward claiming to have killed him. The case stumps and then intrigues Castle while it totally frustrates Beckett – who enjoys a nice linear path to the murderer.

There were some amazing and fun scenes between Castle and Beckett, truly all fans have been asking for. A good case and some Castle and Beckett banner. The looks, the smirks and Beckett biting her lip – it was like a fandom bucket list.

I had a feeling the case involved some sort of mind altering but enjoyed the murderer wasn’t who I initially suspected. The writer of the episode Frost should be applauded for his freshman solo efforts.

The ending of the episode again closes with Castle and Beckett decompressing after the case on the couch with a glass of wine. Add in some witty banter and Castle pretty much third time was a charm when it came to Becket t and she didn’t even have to drug him. Loved Beckett’s retort that he didn’t know what she did to him when he was asleep and he retorted back to wake him next time.

And the closing scene solidified the Castle family to include Beckett when Alexis asked to move back home. Castle enveloped Alexis in a hug and over his shoulder she mouthed the words “thank you” to Beckett.

After lamenting all season my displeasure with the Alexis character, this was the first episode this season where I actually liked her. Maybe Frost should write Alexis more often.