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Watch ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Trailer and Have a Good Cry

Gather your portable Kleenex packs and a friend whose sleeve you feel comfortable crying on, because The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters this June. Adapted by the novel from Young Adult author and internet celebrity John Green (of the VlogBrothers), the love story of Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) is the 21st century tween answer to sad kid classics like Bridge to Terabithia and My Girl.

Sorry for spoilers, but the trailer, like the book, gets to the darkest part right out of the gate: Hazel has cancer, and her impending death has made her into a “grenade” ready to explode at any moment, obliterating those she loves. She doesn’t get close to people, she uses witty sarcasm and quotable observations to get herself through the day, and she’s definitely not interested in dating the handsome new boy at her support group.

If you haven’t read it yet, the novel is a good one. It made me slightly teary-eyed, which means I’ll probably sob in the theater.  Although the book doesn’t shy away from topics of death, illness, and the general unfairness of the universe, the real meat of the story is all the ferocious living that Hazel does around her cancer. She has opinions – sometimes too savvy and cool for a believable teenaged character – and she has dreams.

Augustus sails into the narrative like the dreamboat romantic lead: he’s handsome, funny, as ironically self-aware as Hazel, and just damaged enough to be interesting in his vulnerability. In the novel, he brings to mind characters like Henry from The Time Traveler’s Wife, men whose worshipful devotion and inoffensive charm seem too good to be real. Where Hazel thinks all those cool thoughts my teenage self would loved to have composed, Gus is the ready-made boyfriend walking out of a John Hughes film. Hopefully the improbable shine of both characters will be grounded in the movie adaptation, allowing us to see the relationship beyond the emo archetypes.

The trailer itself looks beautiful, with attractive cinematography and clips that highlight some of the best lines of the novel.

“I can’t believe this is really becoming real,” said author John Green on his official tumblr page. “I look forward to your gifs and mash ups and remixes. ” Proving he’s as much a fan of internet culture memes as he is a proponent of them, Green also page-refreshed obsessively to claim the “First!” comment spot on the official trailer page.

Green has tweeted occasional tidbits from his set visits over the last year, and his legions of young “Nerdfighter” fans are excited to see a trailer of the final project. Considering that a love story about kids with cancer sounds like a tough sell in an industry that’s mostly concerned with explosions, aliens, and crime, it wouldn’t be a long-shot to guess that the support of Nerdfighteria helped The Fault In Our Stars make it to the big screen. Let’s hope that they show up to buy tickets, as well.

The Fault In Our Stars will be released in theaters June 2014.