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Teen Wolf 3×14 “More Bad Than Good” Recap


Here we are again with a recap of the top ten moments from this week’s episode of Teen Wolf. Which was your favorite moment? Sound off in the comments below!

1. ♪ There’s a shewolf in disguise ♪

We finally find out who was torturing Derek and Peter in the season premiere – sort of, because it’s not like we got any specific names or anything. What we do know is that they’re looking for a she-wolf, and are convinced that Derek and Peter know where she is, even though cutting off one of Peter’s fingers still doesn’t get them answers.

Eventually, the werewolves are rescued… by Braeden, aka the exact last person anyone expected because we all thought she died after saving Isaac in the first episode of Teen Wolf 3A. What?!

2. Scott and Stiles are still playing at Midnight Detectives

Continuing off last time, when Scott faced off with a shapeshifted Malia in the woods, Scott and Stiles discover a hidden coyote den holding a bunch of Malia’s things from her childhood, like the jacket she was wearing in the accident. Apparently, Malia is a werecoyote.

Unfortunately, now that they’ve invaded Malia’s home, she’s not likely to come back; and scents are hard to track with Scott stuck in human form, so the duo are forced to call in the sheriff department and hope for the best.

3. Kira’s dad is EVERYTHING

Kira, too, is growing on me as a character. She’s just too adorable to not love. In her first appearance in the episode, she tries to give Scott some of the research she “only spent a couple of hours” doing. Kira’s dad interjects at just the wrong moment with “you forgot all the research you did for that boy you like,” which is why I titled this section the way I did.

If he were my father I’d die of embarrassment on the spot, but since he’s Kira’s, I just point and laugh.

4. The Darkness Trio continue to be haunted

Stiles has a full-fledged panic attack in class when he realizes he can’t read the words of a passage in his textbook, and is suddenly unable to tell dreams from reality. Scott manages to talk him down.

Scott, knowing he needs to be able to fully transform into both a werewolf and into an Alpha, elicits help from the Alpha Twins (who aren’t Alphas anymore, so I guess I need to start calling them Omega Twins which just sounds weird). They beat the shit out of him in an attempt to get him to “let go” and access the wolf, but it doesn’t work.

Allison, meanwhile, keeps having vivid hallucinations of her Aunt Kate, this time dressed as a doctor chowing down on Allison’s exposed innards. Um, ew. While she’s under the spell of the hallucination, Allison ends up pointing a weapon at Isaac, and is barely able to stop herself in time.

5.  Werecoyote!Malia is really attached to that creepy lookin’ doll

Kira, noticing that Stiles and Scott have left their backpacks behind in the wake of Stiles’ panic attack, does the neighborly thing and tries to return them. This just so happens to bring her face to face with Malia, who’s somehow gotten deep into the school without anyone noticing the growling coyote traipsing the halls.

Scott (so dreamy) rescues Kira just in time, and Stiles figures out Malia was trying to get to a doll he’d taken from the car crash site – that’s why she ventured out of the woods. And she’s going to keep trying until she gets it back, even if it means entering her grief-stricken, trigger-happy father’s house to fetch it.

6. McBadassVet makes a reappearance

Deaton gives Scott, Stiles and Isaac horse tranquilizers to help them catch Malia unharmed, warning them that he only has three, so whoever’s doing the shooting better be a great shot. This line is so obviously setting up an “Allison, you have to take the shot, you’re the only one who can do it!” scene later on, isn’t it?

7. Alphas, werecoyotes, bear traps, oh my!

Armed with the horse tranqs and (hopefully) Scott’s full Alpha powers, Scott’s pack take to the woods to look for Malia. Unfortunately, Malia’s aforementioned trigger-happy father has already beaten them to the punch by hiding traps all over the forest floor. Papa Stilinski is beyond unhappy with him, and demands they go disarm every trap – but Papa Bear Trap spots a coyote in his backyard – Malia – and grabs his gun to chase it down.

The gunshot scares Malia off, and springs the pack into action, with Scott taking off on his bike and Isaac and Allison running after him with the tranq gun.

8. Super forced relationship connection time

When Isaac accidentally steps on one of the traps while running, Allison is forced to neutralize the threat of Papa Bear Trap on her own (called it). She’s got three shots and room for only one error, so it’s a surprise to no one that the first shot misses completely. It’s not really upping the ante if we all know she’s gonna make it, you guys.

Still, Allison starts to panic, until Isaac’s deep and meaningful words break through her haze of fear: “Allison! Breathe.” Yeah, that’s all it took – that and some French that I’ma need translated stat – and Allison’s second dart hits its target perfectly. All that gave Malia ample time to run off, however.

Stiles and Lydia aren’t doing too hot on their own, either; Lydia has also stepped on a trap, and is totally lacking the werewolf healing powers that Isaac has. When Stiles tells her he can’t read the instructions on how to disarm the trap, she tells him that “you’re always the one who figures it out,” and lo and behold, figure it out he does!

9. Oh Alpha Scott, how we’ve missed you

That’s right, Scott is able to take control of his werewolf and goes Head Alpha all over Malia’s bizniz, forcing her to transform back into a human. Malia is returned to her dad, and everything pretty much ends up hunky-dory (for now, anyways).

Elsewhere, the newly freed Derek and Peter follow Braeden to an undisclosed location, where she shows them a box made of mountain ash wood, inside of which there is a tiny mountain of mountain ash. Overkill, much? Braeden reaches inside the box and draws out a cylindrical box engraved with the Spiral symbol. Ooh, and the plot thickens…

10. WTF

… Though I did not expect the plot to thicken this much. The nematon of seasons past is chillin’ by itself in the woods when all of a sudden someone dressed in all black marches up and tugs a plant out of its tree rings. A bunch of fireflies then swarm out of the cracks in the tree, as fireflies are wont to do, before buzzing around into the shape of… people?!