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Kylie Minogue, “Into The Blue” Single Review


Queen of the pop music scene and all-round good egg Kylie Minogue has long since been teasing the arrival of new lead single ‘Into the Blue’ from her twelfth studio album and it has now leaked onto the world wide web for all to hear.

The question is whether or not it’s a good song or not and whether or not ‘Into the Blue’ has the potential to becoming both a Kylie classic and a career-enlightening belter of a tune that will send her flying to to the top of the charts once more.

‘Into the Blue’ is a big dance-pop song with shimmering synths and a fantastic euphoric production full of thundering meaty beats that are sure to have every dancefloor diva worth their salt racing towards their nearest discotheque. The crowning glory here are Kylie’s vocals which are on top form, sounding a heavenly treat and joyously serene as she proclaims that her back won’t be against the wall. Strangely we’ve heard pop empowerment anthems from every female superstar and yet Kylie’s feels the freshest so far with a joyous feel to proceedings – particularly when the post-chorus cry of the song’s title hits. The song sounds incredibly similar to the work of Robyn and other Swedish or Scandinavian pop artists who have the art of making perfect pop down to a fine art.

In short, ‘Into the Blue’ is nothing more than stunning as it manages to continue the reinvention of a popstar who has never been accused of being ‘old’ and keeps getting better and better with age as a true superstar. We have missed you, Ms. Minogue, and it’s fantastic to have you back.