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Celebrity Gossip: Has Brandi Glanville Gone Too Far?

A self-proclaimed “truth cannon,” Brandi Glanville has been a major source of publicity for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since joining in its second season. She’s made jokes about rape, jokes about race, and jokes about smelly vaginas. But in her newly released podcast she says she’s upset she was never molested as a child. Uh, what?

I will admit, I love RHOBH. And I could often be heard defending many of Brandi’s questionable actions. Look, she’s good TV whether you like her or not, and somebody has to call Lisa Vanderpump a cunt. But she’s crossed the threshold of “Oh, she did not say that!” fun into an area of desperation and it reeks.

She says she was joking, and makes a reference to the stand-up comedian’s act of whom she was interviewing. But there are two faults with that argument: Brandi isn’t a stand-up comedian and Brandi isn’t funny. And yes, it’s necessary to make that distinction, because stand-up comedian does not equal funny.

What makes this whole mess even more disgusting is that Brandi is a mother of two young boys. I would be quick to assume that if anybody dared even tweet a joke about her boys being molested, she’d be verbally vomiting more f-bombs than the entire cast of The Wolf of Wall Street.

So has Brandi Glanville gone too far? I say yes. Should Bravo can her? Probably. And people seem to agree: Remove Brandi Glanville From Real Housewives

But judge for yourself.

Come to think of it, maybe this was all written in the stars when her parents named her Brandi with an “I.”