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Ground Floor 1×09 “The Decision: Part One” Recap

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“She’s planning a trip to Paris, and it never even occurred to her to invite me!” This week Jenny makes plans for her future… Without Brody.

After years of gathering credit card points (which I’m 99% sure expire, but alright, I’m suspending disbelief) Jenny finally has enough credit to make her dream trip to Paris come true. She fell in love with the city after seeing Forget Paris, a film in which Billy Crystal and Debra Winger are torn between their love for each other… and their love for their careers.  She moves to America for him, and their relationship can only work if she forgets what she left behind in Paris.

There’s a point there, no? Jenny, in the first place, is reluctant to let Brody go along on her trip with her: “I’ve been picturing this trip in my head for so long, and it’s just been me, my backpack and a bag of pastries… And for some reason a little black dog that follows me around everywhere I go.”

But when Brody interrupts to tell Jenny that he loves her… She changes her mind. Jenny dissolves her 18 year old dream to make room for Brody to be there with her. Bringing a boyfriend on a holiday might not seem like a lot, but to change a childhood dream to fit someone else alongside you… Jenny just made a pretty big sacrifice. Something that she might come to regret, depending on Brody’s next course of action.

Meanwhile, Harvard spends most of the episode in a series of dreams, while his usual role of comedy sidekick is given to Threepeat. Something that he takes on valilantly, bullshitting his way through the tricky situation that falsifying his CV has put him in. (According to that, Threepeat is fluent in mandarin, quietly working on his dream of creating an opera, and is an expert juggler.) He spends the day learning phrases revolving around boats from Tori (if given more of a chance, I think Alexis Knapp has a lot of weird energy to throw into Ground Floor) and manages to somehow make it out of  a meeting with a potential new Chinese client with a deal intact. Mansfield’s proud, and so when he announces a promotion at the end of the episode, Threepeat thinks that he’s clinched it. Instead, the new head of the Hong Kong office, and the person who will be leaving in two days, is Brody.

A bit of a problem when you’re supposed to be going to France with your girlfriend.

Jenny altered her dream so that Brody could come to Paris with her; changed the shape of her plan so someone else could step in on it, and be there with her for it… And it’s something that, in part two of “The Decision,” might just have to be taken back.

Jenny changed her dream for Brody… But can he do the same? (I’m predicting yes, because Ground Floor is a rom-com at heart, one that showed us, in the first episode, Brody leaving his work function for Jenny, but I’m also pretty certain that she’s going to try to get him to go to Hong Kong anyway.) I guess we’ll see next week when Ground Floor wraps up.

It’s been fun, yo.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quotes

  • Aw Brody you soppy little shit: “You’ve been with her what, three months?” “I don’t know, 108 days… exactly.”
  • A summary of Mansfield’s character: “Son, have I ever told you what to do in your relationship?” “At every single turn.”
  • Life advice from Tory: “Remember, when all else fails… Stroke the boat.”
  • And finally, poor Threepeat’s dreams were crushed tonight: “But-what? I crushed that meeting! I was gonna go to Hong-Kong and finally not be the Asian guy!” We’ll see next week what happens, bud.