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Ground Floor 1×08 “Dynamic Duo” Recap


The first part of Ground Floor’s season finale airs tonight (I know, where does the fake-time go?) but before it does, let’s talk about its predecessor just a little bit.

The competition’s on in “Dynamic Duo,” and although Jenny playing assistant, nurse and all-around saviour on the top floor, while Harvard goes power-mad on the ground is a lot of fun (and it is a lot of fun, with a sick Mansfield even sneaking in a Scrubs joke), the episode is clearly winding up to something that means a little, or perhaps even a lot, more than that.

Tonight’s episode is called “The Decision: Part One.” And although it’s so hard to unravel such a truly deceptive, clever title, I think we all get that the end of the season is going to be about Brody choosing between, in a perhaps final way depending on the show’s fate, his ambition and his feelings for Jenny. (And if we don’t get a sad eyed Skylar Astin telling Briga Heelan that he loves her- or vice versa- I will be surprised.)

Ground Floor started its season out with a lot of ‘career vs love’ conundrums, and while Jenny’s settled fairly comfortably into Brody’s life (especially seen when she’s temporarily moved upstairs to be Mansfield’s replacement assistant, and then reinvigorates Brody’s presentation that he makes behind a sick Mansfield’s back), it’s pretty clear that Ground Floor intends to go full circle by the end of its freshman series.

In short: “Dynamic Duo” lull us into a false sense of security about Brody and Jenny’s future. Because Brody, as the unattached, single, finance manager that he was pre-Jenny, was free to move with his ambition, not tethered by any emotional connections. But over the course of the past eight episodes, we’ve seen these connections formed. And while that’s an immense joy – for Brody and Jenny to experience, and for us to watch – it does place limits on things. If Brody is, like I think he will be, offered the position of manager in another city or state, then these next two episodes are going to force Brody to evaluate his relationship with Jenny, and what he wants.

Because although he’s clearly good at his job, Jenny’s saving of his presentation (with a little help from a downstairs harassment video featuring Harvard being ridiculously hilarious in a captain’s hat), showed us that with her, he can be even better.

But- and this is the question for all single people, hopefully one that we get to see Jenny address for herself as well- is Brody truly ready to give something he wants up, for someone else? Is he ready to lose an opportunity in order to follow through with the possibility of a future with Jenny?

Is Brody- and Ground Floor itself- ready to commit to a relationship?

I don’t know. But it’ll be interesting to see what the show does, whether it be clichéd or surprising, romantic or a little bit heartbreaking.

…Also, Threepeat really wanted a new phone this episode, and Harvard locked himself in a cage while manically laughing. I think you get the gist.