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‘Community’ Season 5 Episode 6 Recap: “Analysis of Cork-Based Networking”

“Bear Down for Midterms!” Too soon?

The Save Greendale committee, now including Professor Duncan and Chang, have set out to, I guess, save Greendale. Shirley, Jeff, Duncan, and Chang are all in charge of decorating for a dance they’re having, while Professor Hickey and Annie are in charge of putting up a bulletin board that’s fallen down.

Hickey and Annie end up going through a lot in order to get the bulletin board put up, including making deals with Chief Custodian Bob (Nathan Fillion!), while the rest of the group ends up decorating the dance bear and birthday-themed upon Chang’s request. Neil comes in to let them know that what they did is offensive because just that morning, a bear broke loose at a kid’s birthday party, mauling several people. So, that’s where Chang got the idea. They quickly change it to make it dog-themed: “Fat Dog for Midterms!”

Because Abed ended up spoiling an HBO series, “Bloodlines of Conquest,” for Britta, she decides to spoil the rest of the series for him by buying the books that it’s based on and reading them. Abed’s one step ahead of her. He puts on sound-cancelling headphones, so as much as Britta tries to ruin the series for him, she can’t. Abed ends up meeting another student who’s deaf, inspiring him to learn sign language so he can talk to her.

She ends up breaking his heart when she reveals the ending to “Bloodlines of Conquest.” Britta hired her to get close to Abed and reveal what was going to happen in the show, but Britta immediately feels bad when she learns that Abed’s devastated. He walks out of the dance, but stops by the coat check, finding Rachel, the coat check girl whom he had a connection with awhile ago. He asks  her out to dinner and they end the night watching TV in his apartment.

Back at the dance, after having a fight with Annie, Hickey ends up just putting the bulletin board up himself. Easy as that.

Memorable Moments

“They really get the incest right.” – Professor Duncan about “Bloodlines of Conquest”

“Chang, your last idea was to murder.” – Annie

“I want everything to get through that porn blocker.” “What do you mean ‘everything’?” “EVERYTHING.” – Annie

“I’m not signing this form until Professor Hickey says, ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.'” – Dean