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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 13 Recap: “The Bet”

By Tim O’Halloran

Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see that BK99 was able to take home a good share of gold from the Golden Globes. I think it was one of the bigger upsets of the evening.

Which leads us into last night’s episode. Finally, we get an ending to the bet between Jake and Amy that was brought up during the pilot episode. I think it was something that had been on all our minds. With one minute left to spare, Jake pulls off a huge prostitution sting that gets him the win by 9 arrests – meaning that Amy has to go on the “worst date ever” with Jake.

This isn’t to overlook Charles receiving his medal. Well, he along with Peanut Butter the police horse. I don’t know if it is a weird comedic love of Michael Schur (also creator of Parks and Recreation) but horses always seem to make it into his shows. First Lil Sebastian and now Peanut Butter. During the ceremony, Boyle takes a fall and has to take more pain meds. The meds remove his filter and causes him to go around dropping “truth bombs” all evening.

Now, going into the Amy and Jake date, which I have to admit I have been waiting for all season, I think we knew it was going to end this way. Jake starts out trying to ruin Amy by taking her on the worst date, but they get called into action. During their stake out they actually end up having a “real” date. It may have been cheesy at times, but honestly it warmed my heart. I’m a sucker for people falling in love.

Back at Boyle’s party, he’s still running around saying anything and everything that comes to mind, which is pretty different for Boyle – especially when he’s able to settle the dispute between Terry and his wife, who had no idea he was back in the field.

The scene between Boyle and Rosa in the coat closet was also really nice. It took the pressure off of that relationship, for a bit, and it was nice to see Boyle finally make a real move.

Overall, this was a really solid episode, and hopefully will help keep all the people who tuned in after hearing the Golden Globe buzz.

Memorable Moments

Boyle: “I’m afraid you find me uninteresting… now I’m going to pretend to get a text.”

Jake: (on top of a building) “Man, I don’t know how Batman does it. It is super scary up here.”

Grade: A