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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1×07 “Bad Blood” Recap


Fathers are the main theme of this week’s Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. The show mainly dealt with Alice and her father and Jafar and his father and the outcomes were very different.

Jafar has brought Alice’s father to Wonderland in hopes of using him against her – forcing her to use another wish. There is a lot of history between Alice and her father and a lot of it is not very good.

There is also a lot of history between Jafar and his father, as well, and to say that it was brutal is an understatement. Jafar confronts his father, who is the Sultan, and his father offers him a position as a servant in the castle instead of legitimizing him as his son. Jafar is illegitimate, and the Sultan nor the Sultan’s legitimate son, let him forget it.

In the ultimate betrayal, the Sultan tries to kill Jafar by drowning him. He then tosses him out like garbage, which sets Jafar on the ultimate act of revenge.

Back in Wonderland, Jafar learns that Alice and her father aren’t that close so he tosses him in a cage and assumes her father’s identity. Jafar, as Alice’s father, meets up with Alice and the Knave and tries to trick her into using a wish and sending him back. Alice realizes the man is not her father when he fails to pray before they eat. She tells The Knave her father would pray if he was about to eat a piece of fruit. Confronted, Jafar reveals himself and heads off, where later he returns with Alice’s real father.

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Jafar has Alice’s father and levitates him off his magic carpet and tells Alice that he is going to drop him. Alice’s father pleads with her not to – he says he has been a bad father to her, blaming Alice for her mother’s death. Her father is full of remorse for how he has treated his daughter but it is regret full of love – a much different revelation than Jafar with his father.

As Jafar is set to drop her father into the wide abyss below, Alice wishes her father back home. Alice has used her second wish, one left. Once wish left and then it will be reset and Jafar can get his wishes, if only he could keep Cyrus.

Jafar wasn’t happy Cyrus was missing. In the last reveal of the night, as he is questioning the old man in the cell next to Cyrus, the audience learns the old man is the Sultan. Jafar has been keeping him prisoner. When the Sultan tries to kill himself by jumping off the cliff where he is being held, Jafar saves him with the magic carpet. It seems the old man isn’t getting off that easy.

So, Alice is down to one wish, her father is safely home and Cyrus is still missing. Alice and The Knave are still looking for Cyrus, as is Jafar, and The Red Queen has the bottle. It should be an interesting mid-season finale next week.

One bonus observation: Jafar, as Alice’s father, has an interesting conversation with The Knave about Alice. He asks about their relationship and The Knave says he and Alice are mates. There was an undercurrent there, I thought, and I hope it is pursued. Maybe it’s because Alice and Cyrus have been separated for most of the season, or that the Cyrus character is the most boring leading man ever, but I really hope the feelings between Alice and The Knave are explored.