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Matt Laughery’s Best of 2013 Extravaganza!

Because you can never have too many lists!

Best Album: Settle by Disclosure

Even though Beyoncé sashayed in and almost stole my 2013 heart, overall it still belongs to Disclosure’s genius debut album, Settle. The brotherly duo from across the pond unleashed a masterpiece of synths, beats, and melodies that left Calvin Harris weeping in a corner, clinging to a vinyl of “We Found Love” and screaming “WHHYY??” Nary a bad song on the collection, Disclosure should have had many Top 40 hits here in the States, but alas, we’re the same country that ignored Jessie Ware’s “Wildest Moments” so I don’t know why I’m shocked.






Best SongSay Something by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Since this probably should be a song that was released as an actual single this year, Beyoncé yet again loses out on a technicality, leaving the champion to be this sparsely produced beauty of a ballad by newcomers A Great Big World who owe an equal amount of thanks to LegendTina for adding her sublime harmonies to an already gorgeous melody, leaving one hoping Xtina would record a solo version so she could really SAY! Something.

Best TV Show: Scandal

Despite how many plot holes, rehashed story-lines, and over-sized glasses of wine each episode may contain, one thing remains the same: Olivia Pope’s signature walk has me mesmerized every Thursday night. Walter White could NEVAH!

Best Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Leave it to Nintendo to release the best game this year on a handheld system. A Zelda game in which you’re finally free, allowing you to explore the world as you wish, this 3D Hyrule (and dark world Lorule) are jam-packed with fiendishly puzzling dungeons, which require an innovative use of a picture-perfect 2D Link to solve many problems. With this Zelda, Nintendo has again breathed new, exciting life into one of their aging, signature series.

Best Movie: N/A

I’m not the biggest movie watcher, and so I don’t feel validated to offer my opinion here. Although, I will say that Saving Mr. Banks was a very nice film.