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Haven 4×12 “When the Bough Breaks” Recap

Of all the troubles highlighted on Haven, this one is probably the most tragic. As Audrey, Nathan, Duke and Jennifer try to figure out the book “Unstake My Heart” and how it might play into the demise of William, people are inexplicably dropping dead. Just like a “trouble” to manifest itself while the gang is trying to save the world. But what of the trouble and it’s cause. Well, that is the sad part – the trouble causing people to drop dead comes when a baby cries.

The baby has the “Harker Curse” which usually doesn’t appear until the child is a pre-teen. To have a three-month old baby activated with a trouble, thanks to the evil William, really is a travesty. Why has William amped up the baby’s curse? He is continuing try and make Audrey remember her true self and he is pulling out all the stops.

As Audrey and Nathan try to figure out how to stop the trouble, and the baby from crying, the tragedy continues when the baby cries and more deaths occur. This time, the baby’s cry kills his mother.

This truly was a dark and depressing episode. With every turn it seemed the episode was spiraling more and more into a point of no return.

William tells Audrey the only way to save the baby is to activate someone else with a trouble to counteract it. He is hoping when she causes a trouble all her memories, of her former life with him, will come flooding back.

Backed into a corner, Audrey realized she will have to cause a trouble. She asks the coroner’s boyfriend, who also happens to be the baby’s grandmother and step-mother to his father, if she could inflict him with a trouble. She believes since the man is hard of hearing this will help balance out the baby’s trouble of crying and killing people.

Audrey inflicts the man but it doesn’t work. It just seems to make things worse. William shows up hoping her actions triggered her memory – it didn’t. William seems surprised and tells Audrey she just has to try and try again until she gets it right.

Duke is having nothing of that. Ben, the baby’s father, also knows this has to stop and asks Duke to use the Crocker curse to kill him and end the family trouble. There is just one problem Duke doesn’t have the Crocker curse anymore.

Duke asks Audrey to activate his curse again – it is the only way, he stresses to her.

Before the cliffhanger ending, Jennifer, Vince and Dave are trying to figure out how the book plays a part in all this business with William. They discover the book will lead them to the heart of Haven, and with the help of Vince’s tattoo, they are led to the town lighthouse.

In the lighthouse, Jennifer finds a hidden trap door to the basement where the Guard symbol is on the floor. Four spots, for four people, encompass the symbol and Jennifer is convinced the right four people will banish William.

Audrey getting set to place her hand on Duke’s chest to activate his curse is how the episode ends, leaving a cliffhanger for what appears to be an explosive season four finale the following week.

So, is Audrey really some ancient evil entity? She got a flash of her true self when she activated the trouble in the man and said it was a powerful draw. I am hoping they don’t drag this out and cause Audrey to turn into the baddie. I really liked the storyline of Audrey searching for herself and really never bought into the time hoping amnesiac they have turned Audrey into. But it is what it is and I guess we will see where this ride takes us.