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Angel Haze Releases Full “Dirty Gold” Album for Free, Says “Fuck You” To Record Label


Island Records and Universal Republic are totally going to rue the day they crossed Angel Haze

The record labels had, after promising the rapper an album release date at the end of this year, decided to push Dirty Gold back until March of 2014. (Queen) Angel Haze responds by taking to Twitter and releasing her entire debut album for free up on SoundCloud, because that’s just how she do.

In another series of tweets, Haze explains that “it’s not about giving it away for free. I’d rather give my fans something than have them have nothing at all. My work wasn’t for the industry. It was for you.” [@AngelHaze]

You can listen to the album in its entirety on the artist’s SoundCloud account (but be forewarned: apparently some of the songs are mislabeled).

Update: After a three-hour run, the songs have now been taken off Angel Haze’s account. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Update 2: Angel Haze wins this round, because Island/Republic Records have agreed to release her album before the end of the year after all. Record label fuckery’s got nothing on her. You go, girl.