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The Walking Dead 4×05 “Internment” Recap


It’s another thrilling installment of human vs. plague, as Hershel sails a sinking ship and an unexpected face returns to the show.

At the start we are reminded of the ongoing “Ricktatorship”, as Rick drives away after forcing Carol to leave the prison group. Back in the cell blocks, Hershel has acquired help from Glenn and Sasha in taking care of the sick, though they themselves are completely overrun by the flu. For the sake of some laughter, Hershel suggests that Spaghetti Night on Tuesdays should become a thing.

When Rick returns back to the prison, he finds Maggie at the fence and reveals what happened to Carol. She agrees with his controversial decision, and informs Rick that the outer fence is growing weaker by the minute with the hordes of walkers on the outside. They both work to fortify it.

Inside the cell blocks, we see that Hershel is definitely more preoccupied with healing people, as opposed to killing them. He has a harder time in silencing the resurfaced than feeding them oxygen and vitals. Luckily, the extremely run-down Glenn is on hand to help out with the taking out the walkers.

While Hershel is helping Sasha, it is revealed that one of the infected has resurfaced into a walker without the attention of anyone. This segues into a sudden ambush of this walker, biting the infected and proliferating in the cell block. One by one, each sick person succumbs to the illness and resurfaces right onto the others. They’re not really “holding it together” anymore.

One of the sick uses a gun to save Hershel from one such walker, with the noise attracting Rick’s and Maggie’s attention. Rick urges Maggie – who has been ridden with anxiety over the fates of both Glenn and Hershel – to go inside the cell block and help out. In the meantime, Rick gets Carl to replace Maggie at the fence, deciding that he is brave and ready enough to help out with the bigger tasks at hand.

During the chaos that has ensued in the cell block, Hershel runs up to find Glenn, who is now 99% resurfaced, coughing up and spewing blood from his lungs out of every pore on his face. Desperate to find resources to help Glenn in the cell block (where he is one of the only humans), he is rescued right at the last moment by Maggie. Together, they run back up to Glenn, and with a huge sigh of relief from every The Walking Dead viewer, Glenn is saved.

Lizzie’s presence in the infected cell block doesn’t go unnoticed. She tries to goad one walker away from Glenn by using herself as bait, though Hershel has to rescue her when her plan goes awry. When Glenn is ultimately saved by Maggie and Hershel, she pops her head in, and inquires if this mess is all over. A little unexpectedly, Lizzie drags her feet in the pool of blood on the ground, perhaps proving to us that she has matured from the scared, innocent girl from a couple of episodes ago.

Meanwhile at the outer fence, Rick and Carl are enjoying a pleasant bonding time (which translates into barricading themselves from flesh-eating deranged creatures five inches away), when suddenly one of the beams fails. The fence comes crashing down, and walkers come streaming in. Rick and Carl get away from them just in time and run into the inner courtyard.

Agreeing that the only way to rectify this problem is to initiate a “walker-genocide”, Rick tosses a gun to Carl and they both annihilate all the walkers that come towards them. We can see Rick glance over at Carl every so often, taken with pride and marveling at how much his son has matured.

At last, when all the walkers are taken down, we can hear the distant hum of a truck which can only mean one thing: Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob have arrived. Things are looking up.

With the medicinal supplies that are brought back, Hershel, Maggie, and Bob nurse Glenn and the others who were spared by the recent ambush back into stable conditions. Maggie urges Hershel to take some rest, and as Hershel finds solitude in the cell of his dear – and now resurfaced-friend Dr. S – he takes out his Bible and weeps his emotions and stress out.

The next day, everyone is reveling in their new-found success in taking down the illness once and for all. Hershel has a renewed purpose in his role at the prison, appropriately and sufficiently being labeled by Daryl as one “tough son of a bitch” (which should really be the quote of the episode and entire season).

As the bass drops and the episode comes to a close however, we’re reminded that our heroes can never really enjoy any moment of peace and success, and of how vulnerable they are to their enemies. Lurking in the bushes just outside the perimeter is none other than their dear friend, The Governor.

“Internment” was definitely satisfactory in reaching the climax and resolution of one of the biggest threats to this season. The multiple moments of anxiety and desperation as members in every part of the prison are faced with danger provides for some really intense and downright anxiety-ridden emotions. Once again, Hershel proves himself to be the most important person in the prison, reminding us that the strongest person has both the strongest morals and is just generally the most badass person in the wake of the zombie apocalypse. I mean seriously, where else will you find a seventy-year-old man who is awesome enough to face flesh-eating monsters all on his own, without breaking too much of a sweat? And with the unexpected and frightening reveal of the Governor, we can be sure of one thing: he’s won’t just be joining them for Spaghetti Night.

Rating: A